“I make pimpin’ look easy”

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  1. Mike

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    Undercover cops bust hooker at hotel, then uses her phone to sucker pimp into picking her up at said hotel room so they can bust him, too. He was wearing a t-shrt that read, "I make pimpin' look easy."

    Question: Was accessing her phone without a warrant to get the pimp's number a violation of her 4th amendment rights? That might be up in the air since the search of cell phones as part of the search of a subject & his property at the time of arrest is now before the supreme court, but ...

    Second question: Since it wasn't the pimp's phone, does he have standing to raise that issue?

    Smoking Gun: Accused Sex Trafficker Busted In "Pimp" T-Shirt (Aug 20 2013)
  2. Rugape

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    That is a really good question Mike. I think the primary question would be did they access the girls phone with consent, that would pretty much make the 4th question moot. The article doesn't clearly state whether she gave them access or if they took it, although it does sound like she was really cooperative once the bust was on.

    As for standing to raise the issue, no, unless he is the owner - even if he is the owner, if she is in possession without previous theft (meaning she stole it from him, and then it becomes a grey area I am sometimes unclear on), she can give consent to search (similar to a borrowed car during a traffic stop). IANAL, but that has been my understanding.
  3. Caradoc

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    He's not related to Bryant Jermaine Livingston, is he?

    1) Only if she did not consent to access - and I'd be willing to bet that she did, with promises from the cops for leniency in return for cooperation.

    2) I don't believe he would have standing to raise the issue if it was "her" phone, even if she was not the bill-paying owner of the phone, as long as she consented to the search.
  4. FliesWay2Much

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    Consent issues aside, I would think the cops would be responsible to pay for any airtime they used. If not, her lawyers might be able to turn it into petty theft or something like that.
  5. Mike

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    Unless they were within the monthly limit of 600 free minutes of pimpin'.

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