13-year AA gate agent placed on no-fly list, can't work, can't fly, no explanation

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Mike, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. Mike

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    NBC Miami: American Airlines Employee Was Put On No Fly List: But Montano says it’s hard to fight the inclusion because the Department of Homeland Security provides little information

    Luis Montano may be one of the most unlikely people to end up on the government’s no fly list that’s designed to stop terrorists. After all, he works for one of the country’s biggest airlines. But Team 6 Investigators found that he wasn’t just prevented from traveling by air, he was told by his employer to go home. He couldn’t work and the bills started piling up.

    “Two months without work because of being on the no fly list,” Montano said. “I basically have been doing a lot of research concerning the TSA’s no fly list. I have been trying to basically reach out for help.”

    After 13 years working for an American Airlines as a gate agent, also in cargo operations, and at its South Florida headquarters, the U.S. citizen discovered he had been labeled a potential terrorist, a danger to the flying public. “In shock. Just like, I couldn’t understand how you can just be put on a list and for no reason, haven’t been contacted by the government,” he said. In August, Montano says his boss told him he was placed on the TSA’s no fly list and sent him home.

    Montano has traveled the world, to Paris, Barcelona, China, and he returned from overseas during the summer with no trouble. “In July I traveled and in August, I’m told I’m on the no fly list,” he said.

  2. Mike

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    This could be the type of case that finally gets the no-fly list the attention it deserves -- rather than being stranded overseas, this guy is being deprived of his livelihood, benefits and pension credits.
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    That'll teach him to live in a free country.
  4. jtodd

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    "O'er the land of the subservient and the home of the meek!"
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  5. Mike

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    The U.S.S.R. at least would have found him positive space in a gulag where he could earn his keep. Here there's a good chance his family will become taxpayer supported, probably already is through unemployment comp.
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    I know the Communication Workers of America were trying to win representation for the GAs at AA, but off the top of my head I'm not sure of the status. This might give the union something useful to do.
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    but wait... I'm sure someone either wearing or representing the blue glove has claimed there was no such thing as a 'no fly list' :confused:

    Seriously though, I can't wait for the day when a smurf gets place on the No Fly List.
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  9. KrazyKat

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    If the Union was concerned with something other than guaranteed creaming off 65,000 paychecks (if were TSA).
  10. KrazyKat

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    Yeah, because maybe he did something lawful. That'll teach'm.
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    If the gate agent can't come to work because he's on the No fly list, then a smurf on the No fly list probably shouldn't be allowed to come to work either.
  12. Frank

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    Unemployment? Oh, (expletive deleted) no! You did something to get put on the list, prole. No unemployment for you!

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