14 Year Old Girl Tasered While Walking Home

Discussion in 'Civil Rights & Privacy' started by nachtnebel, Dec 14, 2011.

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    I think you're overstating it a bit. The brat deserved to be taken out to the woodshed & whupped, but not tased.

    Odds are that the pig is indemnified by his contract & won't receive his due attitude adjustment until his department has paid out 2 or 3 settlements on his behalf.
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    this guy escalated a non situation with a 14 year old girl going home from school doing absolutely nothing of importance wrong, roughed her up, then got violent when she objected, to the point of just short of using lethal force on her. That is what Tasers are for--an alternative to shooting someone. He should be sent to anger management class, forced to be retrained, and evaluated by a pschologist to determine his fitness for duty. The legal consequences will fall on this city and on this department.

    granted, when you are getting roughed up by the police, it's in your best interest to not respond in kind. Other than that, expecting a 14 year old to show respect to any adult is stupid. In a similar case involving a 14 year old boy at a school bus stop, a cop chased the boy and shot him dead inside a woodshed.

    It's hard to determine whether this is just the proverbial bad LEO, or whether we have a problem with the kind of personalities we hire nationwide, or perhaps some locales are worse than others. I was impressed by the restraint I saw in person on the part of San Fran LEOs at the Occupy SF/end the Fed standoffs. Much less impressed by NYPD, and horrified by UC Davis and UC Berkeley police behavior assaulting the non violent protesters.
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    Woah, woah, woah. What?

    A cop tases a 14 year old girl in the groin! In the groin!? I'm sorry, but this smacks of sexual assault to me.

    Because the Dieruff teen was likely to injure herself or the officer, she was considered a mid-level assailant and an active resister, Hanna said at the time.

    A situation that the cop caused!

    And in this context I want to know what the school officials think 'disorderly' means. And it's possible race is a factor too.
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