15-year-old girl: To TSA agents, I’m the face of terrorism

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by CelticWhisper, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. CelticWhisper

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    Not "agents." Never "agents," never "officers," never "enforcers," always only ever "clerks." Lowly, pathetic, overpaid, undereducated, intrinsically worthless in every sense of the word...clerks.

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  2. CelticWhisper

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    Followed up with this comment:

    Consider that invite public-domain, feel free to post it anywhere you like or make whatever modifications you like to help people find our resources here.
  3. FetePerfection

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    Excellent CelticWhisper - just excellent. Thanks for spreading the word about the epidemic that is TSA.
  4. coachrowsey

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    So does any one wonder why we hate the TSA
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  5. FriendlySkies

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    This statement is just so true, unfortunately :eek:

  6. CelticWhisper

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    Okay...so then...this being a community of action, what's the next step?

    MDW and ORD are my home airports, so I can send this to my state legislators and demand some action be taken. Is there any other way we can/should escalate this?
  7. FetePerfection

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    MSP is my home so I've sent letters to both my Senators and received the "canned" response. I've sent a donation and numerous letters of support and outrage at TSA to Rep Jason Chaffetz of UT along with signing a number of petitions, but all these small actions are worthless in my estimation. It's time to make a plan.

    Do we grow TUG until our membership is significant enough to affect change in the form of letter writing campaign's, protests, organize community action/events, write a musical parody (it would have to be one (expletive deleted) of a script to get produced) send letters to all major newspapers, continue handing out FriendlySkies flyers - what else?

    I agree it's time to make a plan.
  8. Elizabeth Conley

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    My daughter is 15. She has freckles and wears knee braces. By the time she's 16, she'll have 4 metal plates in her legs. If she doesn't, she'll be confined to a wheelchair.

    I hope and pray she never undergoes what this child experienced.

    We've got to stand firm.

    This federally sponsored degradation of our standard of life must not be permitted to go unchecked. Our legislators must act on our behalf to restore our Constitution to its rightful place.
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  9. mikemey

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    I don't know what we can do. The politicians refuse to listen to us. Complaining to the TSA is a joke.

    It's gonna take torches and pitchforks at this rate. :/
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  10. Elizabeth Conley

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    I'm so glad my daughter doesn't have to travel this year. In another month she'll have a cast and two very deep surgical wounds. We'll be monitoring her carefully for signs of infection. I get physically ill at the though of some filthy, ignorant goon pawing at my child's surgical wounds. I cannot imagine letting the TSA crazies Xray her cast! That's just insane. The poor kid has had enough radiation exposure at the hands of certified professionals using properly maintained medical equipment. The thought of her being subjected to unknown doses of radiation with carelessly maintained equipment and untrained goons is totally unacceptable.

    My heart goes out to every patient and every patient's family that must travel under the current unconstitutional and unethical TSA policies. It's a national disgrace.
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  11. Mike

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    The x-ray machines that they use on people with casts & the lack of professional qualifications on the part of the operators might be another good subject for PR piece.
  12. Elizabeth Conley

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    Given that it's unlicensed operators using medical equipment that is not properly maintenance-certified on human beings for non-medical purposes, you'd think it would already be illegal.

    Don't we have a huge body of laws governing such behavior already?

    I think that poking and prodding of someone's surgical wounds is a very dangerous form of assault. This inevitably results in the contamination of the wounds, which may well be aggravated assault and battery.

    The whole DYWTFT nastiness is really evil, when you recognize that patients who are that ill certainly don't "choose" to fly.

    Obama, Napolitano and Pistole have a lot to answer for.

    I have no clue why we're still putting up with this, or any of the other Unconstitutional behaviors our federal government has indulged in lately.
  13. N965VJ

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    I like that! :)^

    And we still have a few Single Percenters* posting comments on news media sites:

    Poor little brat! And, her mother is an idiot as well. I don't care if they pat down my 7 year old daughter. Remember the purpose. Remember what happened on 9/11.

    *A Single Percenter is my term for the dwindling number that has no problem with TSA policies and actions. Several years ago the pro-TSA comments on news stories dipped below ten percent.
  14. INK

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    I firmly believe that there are only two groups of people that support the TSA: Select government employees and those that do not yet have enough information.
  15. AngryMiller

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    You hit the nail on the head and the ball out of the ball park with that comment. When I first started complaining about TSA excesses, many expressed doubts that it was as bad as I made it out to be. Now, they too are coming around to the realization that our liberties are under attack from governmental thugs who wish us ill.
  16. exbayern

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    Bingo! I think that many people don't understand the current state of flying in the US, and base their assumptions on the flight they took 2 years ago. Or they don't understand the technical aspects (and may I thank those of you who have made it clear to the less technically savvy of us) and spout the line that one flight gives you more x-rays than the scanner.

    Stern magazine has the coverstory this week on 'Risk X-ray'. The article focusses mostly on the medical tests, but includes some information about flying and even the shoe fluoroscope in an easy to understand format.

    The subtitle to the article says 'there are few countries where people are x-rayed, CT scanned, or MRI scanned more than in Germany, but more and more technical searches don't necessarily mean more security (safety)'. Again, they mean it from a medical viewpoint, but it is an interesting article and presentation for readers.

    Back to the original topic, I only wish that the author would have gone into more specific detail about what the search entailed. The image is graphic with the steel table and paper covering, but details presented in an unemotional fashion are what people need to hear.
  17. nachtnebel

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    agreed to some extent exbayern. Tell exactly what happened. Doesn't have to be emotional. Let any such responses come naturally to those who read your account. Tell it in detail. Don't let the TSA hide behind euphemisms or verbal shortcuts.
  18. mikemey

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    I'm really hoping the latest with this woman who had her undergarments removed opens the eyes of America more.

    Yeah, wishful thinking.
  19. Doober

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    I had e-mailed the author and asked if she would consider doing a follow-up setting forth exactly what happened in the private room search. Didn't expect a response and didn't get one.

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