$1B of Nude Body Scanners Made Worthless By Blog — How Anyone Can Get Anything Past The TSAs NoSs

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Affection, Mar 6, 2012.

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    I posed this question over at "the other place," and got a response that all of the TSA's MMW have by now been upgraded with ATR (Other countries may still be using non-ATR MMW). The respondent claimed that the TSA has put out several press releases announcing this, but I have not verified this fact. However, I think it is correct.
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    I don't think this is correct. In the pre-ATR days, we saw some videos of the MMW in action where the silvery 3-D naked body image was rotated 360° on the computer monitor as the TSA agent scrutinized it. If you notice how the MMW scanners operate, you can see through the clear walls of the booth that the emitter/antenna rotates around the subject's body. I think it is a full 3-D image that is analyzed, whether by a human viewer, or by the ATR software. In the case of ATR, the anomalies are then mapped to the gingerbread man/woman image, which is shown as 2-D front and back.

    My suspicion is that the 3-D MMW image is much more amenable to ATR than is the 2-D backscatter x-ray image. That's probably why the promised ATR upgrade from Rapiscan has yet to appear; it's much harder to get that to work.
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    It's not that you can't make a "3-D" image from a MMW scan. But that still doesn't discount that the scanner only operates twice, once from front, and once from back, and generates a "3-D" image. The image is perhaps more 3-D than an ordinary computer-generated 3-D image because the backscatter technology may be able to discern distance, but that doesn't change the fact that if neither the front nor the back scan can detect an object, the 3-D image rendered will also fail to show the object.

    But better yet, give it a try (not with contraband, but with a benign ALL METAL object)! If you "get caught," the worst thing that happens is you say, "Oh, I forgot that in my pocket" and get a target patted down.

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    The backscatter x-ray scans front and back simultaneously--each of those big blue rectangular boxes that you stand between is a complete scanning unit. The MMW is more cylindrical in shape, and you can see the two arms of the emitter/antenna rotate around the subject. Admittedly, the emitter/antenna cannot rotate around the full 360°--because of the entrance and exit portals. Perhaps the resolution is lower in the side areas where the entrance and exit portals are located. But the (few) non-ATR MMW images that have been released are definitely three-dimensional, with no "gaps" on the sides of the body.
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    PM me the link to the FLV file & I'll see what I can do.
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    Done and done. Also left a post via Facebook.

    Let's help take this viral.
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    Wow -- #4 on Google News (for TSA) @ Mashable:
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    Im at work so no access to blast all over FB, but I did send this out to a couple list im on. This should be very interesting as this spreads far, wide and like a wild fire.
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    Already in mainstream media ...

    UK Daily Mail:

    I've posted the YouTube URL & video ID a couple times, not sure if there is a time lag before comments appear or if it's being censored. I'd suggest TUGgers alternately post the following three items throughout the day as comments to the Daily Mail article:

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    I tried doing a YouTube Downloader on this and it fails. There is a chance TSA will pressure YouTube to take it down. Having some copies distributed around may not be a bad idea.

    Alternate outlets are Liveleak and CNN iReport.

    Sent Drudge the Daily Mail link, which may be mainstream enough to get it posted there.

    Note: I see it's already on Live Leak ^
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    I'm guessing it's because of the use of the word nude or maybe the language in a lot of the comments, but YouTube has flagged the video as "age-restricted" -- you have to log in to view it.
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    Thanks Jon. You are a true patriot.
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    The direct-to-Youtube link will be going live on Fark.com in a couple of hours.
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    We now have an offshore backup behind an offshore domain name that the dirtbags working for Holder & Nappy can't seize.

    I've submitted the links 3X to Drudge now, twice by web form, once by email. Also emailed the links to about a dozen talk shows.
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  17. Fisher1949

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    I wonder if any of these dolts are catching on that people just don't like them and their overreach?
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    Now on Drudge with links both to the Daily Mail article & to Jon's blog post.

    The censors at the Daily Mail are now suppressing all comments. 48 have been made; none can be read.
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    So happy, guys. :) Drudge was a lifetime goal of mine! Slashdot was an unexpected one, where we were #1 along with on Reddit and Y Combinator. Well over half a million hits so far.

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    Daily Mail saying "We're sorry but reader comments are currently unavailable.'

    I left two so far. I comment there regularly and usually they are pretty good about this so I'm wondering if their servers are just getting overwhelmed.
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