$1B of Nude Body Scanners Made Worthless By Blog — How Anyone Can Get Anything Past The TSAs NoSs

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Affection, Mar 6, 2012.

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    All of these stories are just paraphrasing what Boobie Bob posted on the TSA Blog. There has been no new response by TSA.
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  3. Lisa Simeone

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    They're busy trying to figure out they can make Jon -- and the rest of us -- disappear.
  4. Mike

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    Which is good news for us. They non-denying denial has no legs to stand on.
  5. Mike

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    Won't work -- the momentum is in our favor.
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  6. KrazyKat

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    If it were just us to disappear, it would be easy. But TSA-haters are now legion, thanks to TSA's own goodworks. What irony! If the fascism came with a friendlier face, we'd be fighting this for much, much longer.
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    I continue to be amazed (and I know that I should not be) at the number of people who miss the point entirely and are saying 'tsk tsk tsk' to the OP for even trying to sneak something past security. How wrong of him!
  9. Lisa Simeone

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    False flag?


    Momentum of, by, and for the sheeple is a fickle thing.
  10. Spence1097

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    Thank you so much for your persistence in your fight against them and finally exposing those blasted scanners for what they are to the majority, a big pile of garbage with our hard earned money stapled to them.
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  11. Mike

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    The video now has over 1.75M viewing: 1,757,577

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  12. Mike

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    Jon -- all of the links in your base post were redirects through your mail server which were not working for me.

    First noticed it last night at work when I tried to use it to look at the video -- it asked me for validation info. At home this morning (where I use noscript), it was blocked.

    So ... I edited the post to remove all the redirects. Hope you don't mind, but TUG has to work for everyone. :)
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  13. Lisa Simeone

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    By the way, could use some sensible comments at this post (about Jon's video) at TSA News. I'm glad we're attracting new readers/commenters, but too many still don't get it:

    Passenger Slips Metal by TSA Scanners Repeatedly

    Edited to Addd:

    Oh, god, a new one just popped up there:
  14. exbayern

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    Are the naked scanners totally useless?

    (UGH I actually posted a Bild link...)


    I'm actually surprised that this hasn't grown longer legs in Germany, but then again it was hot news well over a year ago when Werner Gruber showed us pretty much the very same thing on television. It was big news in Germany, but pretty much 'no news' in the US at the time to most people except for those of wearing our tinfoil hats ;)
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  15. DeafBlonde

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    Um...no...as I am sure a lot of horn-dog (as Mike describes them) TSOs would agree...they're really great for looking at ta-ta's...;)
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  17. Lisa Simeone

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    Oh, god, here goes "Emily" again:
  18. Lisa Simeone

    Lisa Simeone Original Member

    Thanks for posting. Schneier is always excellent.

    But please tell us more about your "grope in Orange County." I'll add it to the Master List.
  19. Lisa Simeone

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    Okay, this chick is really getting on my nerves. Bet she works for TSA, DHS, or some PR agency. She outright lies about what Bruce Schneier wrote. I gave her what-for. Take a look:

    Passenger Slips Metal by TSA Scanners Repeatedly
  20. Mike

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    There is no cure for congenital stupidity, Lisa. Not every idiot can be salvaged.
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