$1B of Nude Body Scanners Made Worthless By Blog — How Anyone Can Get Anything Past The TSAs NoSs

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Affection, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. Just curious, don't baggage x-rays color items differently based on the material of the item?
  2. Mike

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    We're negotiating the reward before we turn him in. :D
  3. Mike

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    It would be based on the density, or if it detected the boundary between two objects, the software could color the two objects differently.

    If nothing is reflected back, it would have no clue as to why. It would be as clueless as Nappy.
  4. N965VJ

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    Poor Curtis Burns; he tries so hard to make himself look hip and trendy that it just makes him look like a bigger square than he really is. :p
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  5. Mike

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    "I sent off for a little book, learned how to speak 'hep' talk ...." Fugs, Golden Filth / Live at Fillmore East
  6. Mike

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    Latest Google News hits ...

    Gizmodo: The TSA Doesn’t Deny That It’s Really Easy to Fool TSA Naked Body Scanners

    Macedonian Int'l News Agency: Major Flaws Uncovered in TSA's Nude Scanners
  7. Mike

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  8. I also thought his protest that the scanners have caught drugs in "tiny baggies" was very quaint.
  9. N965VJ

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    This article on Gizmodo.com is 'sploding on Twitter right now. They rip apart Curtis Burns' post on the TSA Blog piece by piece.

    EDIT: Whoops, Mike beat me to it!
  10. KrazyKat

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  11. KrazyKat

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  12. Mike

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    313,427 views on YouTube, I'm betting it will hit at least half a million by midnight.
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  13. KrazyKat

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    LOVE IT!
    Extra penalties for taunting.
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  14. Doober

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    Speaking of the Boob, in his post he wrote:

    There are only 600 scanners in place? And the TSA isn't going to install any in 2013? Seems to me they are far from their goal of one scanner at each lane in almost every airport. (I still can't get over the fact that Akron-Canton has them - what a freaking waste of money!)

    I wonder when the Lincoln, NE, airport will get such a toy......
  15. Mike

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    Sewing Kit 2, Scanners 0

  16. Mike

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    Major big-time backatchya ...

    Wired / ThreatLevel: TSA Pooh-Poohs Video Purporting to Defeat Airport Body Scanners

    Wired / ThreatLevel is one of the blogs contractually monitored by a DHS vendor for, among other things, negative opinions of DHS, so this is right back in their faces. :D
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  17. KrazyKat

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    So transparently obvious. Perhaps left and right can agree on squandering a tad less dinero?
    The clock ticks for the MSM, partners in crime? Thanks for your column at Kos, and link to The Atlantic.
  18. Fisher1949

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    The Gizmodo piece is hilarious. Clearly the writer has heard the BB doublespeak before and translated it effortlessly.
  19. nachtnebel

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    Jon's gonna get a cell right next to Julian's for this one. This story is TAKING OFF BIGTIME
  20. RB

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    Look for a two pose screening proving Jon's analysis. If it is backscatter that would make it even more important to Opt Out.

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