2 of 4 TSA checkpoints closed at Honolulu Airport's main terminal [HNL]

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    Hawaii News Now: EXCLUSIVE: 2 of 4 TSA checkpoints closed at Honolulu Airport's main terminal

    The Transportation Security Administration has closed half of its security checkpoints at Honolulu International Airport's main terminal. The TSA employees' union said the checkpoints are being closed because of budget cuts brought on by sequestration, something that TSA officials denied. The TSA claimed the move was part of routine streamlining. Things are more crowded at Honolulu International Airport's checkpoint three, the overseas terminal's largest and busiest with six lanes.


    A couple of weeks ago, the TSA closed two of four security checkpoints at the overseas terminal, including one that's close to American and Delta airlines check-in counters. That means some travelers are facing longer walks through terminals to get to the remaining checkpoints. And international flight crews are now walking farther since their checkpoint, which also served airport employees, closed late last month.


    [TSA Spokeshole Mendacious Melendez ] claimed, "There has not been a negative impact on travelers."
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    A supposed letter from TSA about handling budget cutbacks was posted on FT. Sequestration thread, post 151. Bottom line little reason for major airport disruption caused by TSA, except to punish the public.
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    That would be this.

    I call flat BS, but such :trash: is par for the course.


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