Arrested TSA Employee 2 TSOs Caught Thieving: Roy Richburg arrested, other neither arrested nor fired [JFK]

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Fisher1949, Aug 1, 2011.

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    Just another day with the TSA, infested with thieves.
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    every. single. one. of. them.
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    I fail to understand why TSA thieves are not charged under Federal statutes. The checkpoint is supposedly federal territory and these people are clearly federal employees. The reason this is important is that in the Federal penal system sentences are for the most part served day for day of the sentence, no good time and such.
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    Please quote or list the names of the offenders in these articles. It helps search engine user find their way to TUG.

    Incident #1: Brooklyn student Chris Dunn had $100 stolen from his luggage. The screener apparently was not disciplined.

    Incident #2:

    And the usual mumbo jumbo from a spokeshole at America's federal crime wave known as TSA:

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    I've been sending these stories of thefts to my neighbors who are sometimes on the fence regarding the TSA and their response is: this has been going on for years, that's why we put colored plastic ties on our luggage so we know if they've been opened. When did we get to the point where we expect to be ripped off by airport employees because, you know, "it's been going on for years".
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    Same mentality as, why do you keep hitting your head against the wall...because it feels so good when I stop.
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    My neighbor had a $9000 video camera stolen from him and after months of investigating and fighting the end result was...nothing. He just plain lost it. Tell me, how does a TSA officer walk out of work and through an entire airport onto a bus to the employee parking lot with a giant, professional grade movie studio video camera without so much as one single surveillance camera catching them? And yet this an everyday occurrence. If they can't catch thieves in their own ranks, what makes them think they can catch terrorists?
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    You're going to have X levels of theft in any organization. Lawyers, doctors, judges, you name it, they've all stolen.

    One legitimate concern here is that TSA theft lessens (if that is even possible) trust in the agency. And silly pronouncements like "TSA has zero tolerance for employee theft" are worse then nothing, because there's no company I know of that has any tolerance at all for employees who steal from customers.

    Another legitimate concern is that if it is so easy for an unfaith employee to steal things from the "secured" areas airport, another unfaithful employee with darker aims could bring something more nefarious into the secured areas. Again, the mere appearance that such may be the case is destructive of confidence in the agency.
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    According to Roy Richburg's profile at LinkedIn, he was educated (1999-2003) at Christ the King Seminary in Queens. Apparently he needs to return for some remedial work regarding the 8th Commandment.
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    A question should be asked loudly and often: "If Airport Security Screeners do not have enough moral fortitude to refrain from stealing, what makes you think they have the moral fortitude to refrain from smuggling bombs on a plane?"

    Oh, right, they have been caught smuggling already... Never mind.

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