2012 Best Places to Work, US Gov., rankings are out

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    DHS is at the bottom, dropping 3.70 points over last year. TSA is ranked 283 out of 292 subagencies; three out of the five lowest ranked subagencies are DHS components, "Office of the Under Secretary for Science and Technology", "Intelligence and Analysis" and "National Protection and Programs Directorate" - whatever that is.

    Also from WaPo:

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    Looking at this listing I clipped out I think the problem becomes apparent. The SES employees are happy with the way TSA is.

    Scores by DemographicScoreRank (out of varied totals)
    Female 47.3 272 of 287
    Male 47.1 278 of 290
    40 and over 48.8 279 of 289
    Under 40 45.3 238 of 249
    American Indian or Native American 41.8 47 of 49
    Asian 51.6 100 of 110
    Black or African-American 50.4 222 of 236
    Hispanic or Latino 49.3 156 of 159
    Multi-racial 40.4 98 of 100
    Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander 51.5 39 of 40
    White 46.3 277 of 290
    Employees with Disabilities 42.4 197 of 205
    Veterans 48.0 237 of 245
    Senior Executive Service (SES) 78.1 18 of 25
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    Could they have gotten a quote from someone any scummier without an actual criminal record? He's been quoted a few times, like here:


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    (expletive deleted), Ricky. You work for a horrible agency, you personally do horrible things to innocent travelers, and that makes you a horrible carbon-based hominid. "Pervert" is putting things mildly, you bottom-feeding Nazi slime.

    Did anyone catch the bit about "(smurf-clerks) have reported being punched, kicked and shoved during patdowns"?

    I'm calling shenanigans on that, since I think we'd have heard more about it if it was true. Yukari Miyamae made national headlines for groping back, and Andrea Abbott made them for just having stern words for the pedosmurf who threatened her child. If someone popped a smurf-clerk in the face I think we'd have known about it.
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    "We just want the public to understand that we're not perverts," said screener Ricky D. McCoy, who heads a local TSA union for Illinois and Wisconsin.

    Evidence would suggest otherwise. What do you call a person that repeatedly feels up other people without consent? I think Pervert is a dead on description.

    Now TSA would claim we gave consent by entering a checkpoint but I don't think consent can be an open book to do anything TSA desires. I say with conviction that no consent has been given until the TSA Pervert provides an exact description of what is to be done.
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    I agree wholeheartedly. One cannot give informed consent to anything the TSA does, because they refuse to detail what it is they do.
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    So, only toy selection (37), IQ, and DHS leadership, is lower than TSA. :p
    Excellent point! And what an SES-heavy agency.
    Their strategic/leadership scores barely break 45, with SES leaning on the scales. Wonder what those scores would be if SES couldn't weigh-in? Hilarious.

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