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  1. Lisa Simeone

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    I'm posting this in this forum, though it concerns things that are applicable to other forums here as well (and even though "Olympics in London - sonic gun to be used" was posted in May in the Civil Rights/Privacy forum).

    I don't know anything about this UK outfit, so I can't vouch for its reliability or track record, but take a look at this report. It's full of stuff that's new (some of it, like the supposed casket-linings, sounds outlandish, but who knows), and yet not new; might remind you of the U.S., e.g., Rapiscan, lousy training, low-level employees, private contractors, increased militarization, on and on. Anyway, take a look at the whole thing. This is just an excerpt:
    Community Radio from Bristol: Friday Drivetime
    FYI, this guy Lee Hazeldean (and apparently that's a pseudonym) is on Alex Jones a lot. So grain of salt encouraged.
  2. barbell

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    Is it sad that none of this surprises me?

    I have long said that airport security is a joke, and I imagine many of the same ideas circulate in circles that would influence decisions in this venue. I have never seen a greater circle jerk of groupthink than in the security industry.

    I avoid flying now at all costs. Mostly because, well frankly solely because of, TSA. For one, I'm tired of them choking me during the collar check, racking my testicles and sticking their hands, their hands not their fingers, in my pants. The main reason, though, is because I know we are less safe today than 10 years ago because of the TSA. It's nothing more than a band of incompetent boobs managed by a group of stupid idiots. And that's exactly what this article proves about Olympic security in London. The people attracted to these jobs are apparently morons regardless of the venue, the target, or the culture.
  3. Caradoc

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    ...with a higher-than-average number of actual criminals in their midst, for whom they haven't the slightest concern until their PR goes wonky again. Thieves, thugs, perverts, and morons, the lot of 'em.
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  4. Mike

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    Let's jump start their HR effort by offering them TSA. :)
  5. Frank

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    Only if they promise to keep them after the Olympics.
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  6. RB

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    With 21st Century security I think I will avoid large events like the Olympics.
  7. Lisa Simeone

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    At the Tall Ships in Baltimore just the other week, there were tens (hundreds?) of thousands of people all over the Harbor every day. All the ships were open for tours. There was one sailor with a clipboard at the base of every ship. That's it. You checked in with him -- like, said hi -- and on up you went.

    There was also one cordoned-off area nearby, with guys standing around in fatigues with big automatic weapons. Have no idea who they were or what they were supposed to be doing.

    The point is that all these idiots who think A Terrorist Is Around Every Corner have no explanation for why bombs aren't going off left and right at venues such as this.

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