23 More Distinguished TSA Scholars

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Mike, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. TravelnMedic

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    Oh holy crikey I agree on all counts.

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  2. Frank

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    What, no nurses in Texas?

  3. Alas, I am taken. Too bad, I love a guy who says "crikey". ;)
  4. TravelnMedic

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    ...No comment!

    <tips hat> thank you my lady.
  5. Rugape

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    I understand completely what you are saying, but the folks in my classes were not the type of people you describe. They are more motivated in general, better versed in the language skills you mention, and many of them already have degrees of varying levels. Understanding how intel and analysis works may give a better understanding of some of the information we see in breifings and policy changes. Not for everyone, but those that have a wider world view than what happened at the Quik E Mart Saturday night, it was an opportunity to further their knowledge base. It may also let some folks understand that intel in many cases is Joe German, or Joe Israeli, or Joe Afghanistan or any other number of Joes (and Janes for that matter) putting themselves and their families on the line to generate that intel. It can also motivate some to go back to school and better themselves in many other fashions (like me). I am glad that you have applied yourself well, not everyone has the same set of motivation and skills that you do - yet they may be better at analysis and intel gathering than you ever will be (or me for that matter). I have told the story of the old man at my grandmothers that was a genius at manufacturing explosives for stump removal, but couldn't read the labels on the containers for the stuff he was mixing, or add the amounts together with a calculator. Helping people that work for you to understand more of the system they work in is never a bad thing - IMHO, it can help to create a wider world view, and generate interest in understand how other things work with that system as well. On the flip side, it can also have the effect of giving someone credits that will never take another course or more interest in the system or anything other than what happened at the Quik E Mart Saturday night.

    I guess that the ceremony is a way for the local TSA management to garner some kudos for trying to better their workforce through educational opportunities. It is not an insult at all, it is simply letting folks know that you had these people do this - evidently local press thought it was a viable story or at least something to generate some discussion and help them to be more relevant, and they succeeded. There are tons of people in this world that bust their butts to make themselves better, and never get any recognition, that is just simply how the world works. I have done tons of things that are fairly noteworthy, and never got even an attaboy because it was my job. Letting the local press know you just graduated members of your workforce from a program that awards them a certificate is just PR 101, it is good for you (because you show that you are trying to elevate the education level of your workforce) and good for them (their families get a little memento news clipping for their kid/wife/husband/etc).
  6. RB

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    Perhaps TSA needs to put less effort in PR 101 and more effort in treating travelers like people and not criminals. Just saying!
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  7. Caradoc

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    So they were the other half of the TSA? The ones who're actually intelligent, but enjoy sticking their hands down people's pants, stealing belongings, shouting at people, and generally being antisocial/sociopathic twats?
  8. Caradoc

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    No, the TSA just needs to go away. The organization and its employees are purely beyond redemption.
  9. Frank

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    Problem is we'll need either a permanent welfare program for them or deportation, because the 15k that won't end up in jail are going to find themselves unemployable with TSA on their CV.
  10. Caradoc

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    Organ farms. Give whatever still works to someone who'd put it to better use.

    As for deportation, where would you send them? Sudan? Libya?
  11. Frank

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    At least there they would learn what real terrorists look like, as opposed to "everyone's a terrorist."
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  12. RB

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    Put TSA ckerjs on the gates and walls of our embassies in the middle east and let them screen those folks.
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  13. Caradoc

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    I think I'd rather that job be done by someone better qualified. Like maybe a blind and deaf quadriplegic, as opposed to a TSA idiot.
  14. CelticWhisper

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    Oh, nononononooooo. Canada and Mexico, riiiight along the US border. Let them see every day what they can no longer ever have, all because of their actions.
  15. Frank

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    Too much unguarded space for them to sneak back in, unless we're planning to brand "TSA" on their foreheads or something and make them outlaws (old English legal phrase for someone not eligible for legal protection or rights). I'd rather have a real barrier between them and my nation. The Atlantic Ocean, for example.
  16. Caradoc

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    How about a minimum of .5AU of hard vacuum?
  17. N965VJ

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    That can be said of any entry-level job. When I worked for US there was a continuing education reimbursement program. I looked into it and found out the only thing available to me was learning a foreign language, and there was an understanding that I would become a LODO (Language Of Destination/Origin). Anything else, I was on my own. The private sector is kinda funny that way in only incurring education costs that apply to a worker's job.
  18. DeafBlonde

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    Gee, I wonder why it's that way in the private sector?:confused: Oh, wait...could it be because they don't have all this taxpayer money to waste, er, uh, spend?
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  19. Well, I don't know, Rugape. Your group sounds like it was quite the think tank, but the gal in one of the articles did "all kinds of research" about the liquids ban, and what she learned was how to better explain to hordes at her checkpoint why liquids are oh-so-dangerous and why she's saving them from themselves and their bottles of water. The basic research I've done on the liquids ban has me fairly certain the threat is hypothetical and silly. See, had she gotten herself to English 102 first, she would have learned how to evaluate a source, question a source's bias, question the motives behind a source's bias, and then look for sources that offer a contrary opinion, which she apparently didn't do with her paper. Had she researched it like a college student, she would have had to come out with at least a mixed opinion on the topic, since even Kip Hawley is down on the liquids ban.

    Just sayin'.
  20. Caradoc

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    Had she been capable of researching it like a college student, and engaging in critical analysis, it's unlikely she'd be a TSA employee.

    Those are decent skills, and would lead to a real job instead of working in security theatre.

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