787 problems continue: 3 grounded, 1 stranded

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    Norwegian Air Shuttle grounds a 787 due to unresolved technical issues ...

    ABC News: Norwegian Air Shuttle Grounds Boeing 787 (Sept 28 2013)

    Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA on Saturday became the latest airline to ground a Boeing 787 so that officials from the American company can examine what appears to be a technical problem. Norwegian spokesman Lasse Sandaker-Nielsen said Saturday that the plane "has not been reliable enough and passengers have been subjected to too many delays." He declined to identify the technical glitches encountered. In the meantime, the Scandinavian low-cost carrier will lease an Airbus A340 to fly on its two new long-haul destinations between Stockholm, Sweden, and New York and Bangkok.
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    While a LOT 787 is stranded in Iceland because Norwegian authorities won't permit an overflight with inoperable aircraft identification equipment, but first they ground a couple more because fuel filters were found to be missing ...

    Market Watch: LOT Polish Airlines blames Boeing for fault in 787 (Sept 25 2013)

    LOT Polish Airlines SA was forced to ground its Boeing Co. BA -0.83% 787 Dreamliners again when it discovered that low-pressure fuel filters were missing in engines of two planes.
    The troubled flag-carrier blamed Boeing for the fault in a statement Wednesday. It said filters were missing in both engines of one aircraft and in one engine of another. It didn't say when the glitch was detected.
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    Meanwhile in Reykjavik ...

    ABC News: LOT 787 Dreamliner Diverted Due to Antenna Snafu (Sept 30 2013)

    A Boeing 787 Dreamliner, operated by Poland's LOT airline, has made an unscheduled landing in Reykjavik, Iceland, because of a malfunctioning antenna. The plane was travelling from Toronto to Poland when it was diverted to the Icelandic capital about 1,700 miles short of its destination. The plane's antenna is used to transmit airplane identification information.
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    More on the Reykjavik diversion ...

    Reuters: LOT airline Boeing Dreamliner forced to land in Iceland (Sept 29 2013)

    "The aircraft had to land due to an air identification system fault. The Norwegian authorities have refused permission to fly over its territory, even though other countries gave permission to fly over theirs," Barbara Pijanowska-Kuras said. Boeing said the diversion resulted from an "inoperative antenna" used to transmit the plane's identification information during flight. Flight is allowed with the antenna not working, but requires air traffic controllers along the route to pre-approve the flight, Boeing said.
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    Reykjavik is lovely this time of year.

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