85-year-old woman may sue TSA after being strip searched at JFK Airport

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by THawk996, Dec 3, 2011.

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    :D There! I fixed it for you! :D
  2. RB

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    Seems Blogdad Bob only picked up the lying skills.
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    Awesome. Post a link if it has a web link.
  4. RB

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    Did any of you guys pick up on this in the so-called TSA Apology to Mrs. Zimmerman?

    Not apologizing for what TSA did but saying they apologize for how she feels. Isn't that a slap in the face?

    Proof that TSA does not take responsibility for TSA Thugs.
  5. nachtnebel

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    This kind of statement underlines the deep contempt TSA has for the American public. It says "you are too stupid to see through this non apology, and if you do see through it, there's nothing you can do about it". They have no fear of consequences here whatsoever. This arrogance from this kind of a federal agency is as breathtaking as it is dangerous. It is dangerous to let them continue in it.

    Contrast this with the backpedaling the ATF undertook and is undertaking on the Fast and Furious debacle. Changes WILL be made in that agency as a consequence for what they did, and their public tone is NOTHING like what the TSA is taking. Every one in TSA HQ who authorizes these kinds of responses should be eliminated from the agency. Starting with Pistole.
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    It's been noticed before.
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  8. FaustsAccountant

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    And in regards to BlahBob-I'm reminded of a rather infamous 20th century person saying and employing: repeat a lie often enough (and loud enough) eventually someone will believe it...
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    That "someone", is usually the liar :)
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    Caradoc linked to this post in another thread, but I think it bears repeating:

    When you apologize, you need to be apologizing for YOURSELF! Saying "I'm sorry you feel that way" is not an apology...you can't apologize for someone else. An apology must begin with "I'm sorry *I*...", not "I'm sorry *YOU*...".
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    From Blogdad Bob:
    Why the (expletive deleted) are they removing a back brace???!!! That's exactly what happened to me in OKC - they demanded that I remove my post-surgical back brace. I refused, and they penalized me by putting me through TWO completely thorough pat-downs - one by a 1-striper, the other by a supervisor who pressed so hard on it over my recent surgical wound that I cried out in pain, and then proceeded to rub her hand over my pubis, pressing in until I felt it on my clitoris. (Sorry for the graphic words, but I can think of no other words to describe these body parts.)

    I had printed out the section from their website that says that medical devices do not need to be removed. They wouldn't even look at the print-out.

    This needs to go viral. This is so wrong it's sickening. :mad:
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    Thank you for your graphic words. Graphic words will help to bring the truth into focus for those who wish to minimize the impact of TSA malfeasance, repeating over and over, "It's not that bad."
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  13. Bill Forster's comment on this story is interesting:

  14. Lisa Simeone

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    Yes, it needs to go viral, just as so many other TSA horror stories have gone viral. But it won't matter. Not for the head-in-the-sand types. Of whom there are an abundance. It won't matter. It didn't happen to them; therefore, it didn't happen.
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    I agree with this. We're all grown-ups here and as far as I'm concerned, using proper anatomical terms should never be seen as vulgar or unacceptable. The fact that TSA itself tries to push such a mentality ("We can touch it but you can't say it") is all the more reason for us to refuse to sugar-coat what we say.

    Keep using those words. Not graphic language, but rather precise, accurate, specific language so that there can be no questioning, no denying, and no contradicting what you are saying.

    The Terrorist Searching (an) American that searched you made physical contact, through the fabric of your clothing, with your clitoris. Not your "resistance." Clitoris. One of these terms is what Wikipedia calls a "weasel word." The other is unmistakable. One can be spun for PR. The other...well, it would take a (expletive deleted) of a lot to spin for PR.

    Pointed, specific, unambiguous language combined with under-oath testimony in the lawsuit that at least one of these victims is planning on bringing is how we back these TSA bottom-feeders into a corner. PR shills can shout up and down that we're all mistaken, that we're liars, that we're "deliberately ignorant" or whatever else but once these cases hit the courts, such dishonesty carries a hefty price.
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