900-year-old saint's heart vanishes from cathedral

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    This article was so weird I just had to post it.

    Questions I have:

    What does a 900-year-old heart look like? What's left of it? Is it ashes or was it preserved in some way? I mean no disrespect, and I've seen relics in cathedrals before, but none of them were hearts.

    The heart was in a heart-shaped box bolted to the wall, and there were no signs of a break-in.

    900-year-old saint's heart vanishes from cathedral

    Cathedral staff called the disappearance of the relic "truly awful and strange" and said they were "shocked and saddened."
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    I suspect its in the same condition as some of the "uncorrupted" bodies of saints found in some churches. Kinda leathery, dried out, but recognizable.

    reminds me of the old tale told about thomas acquinas, who was rather large, and what happened upon his death. He was saintly and was expected to be canonized, which meant his relics would be valuable. The instructions came down that not a hair on his head was to be touched (ie, not cut up for relics), so the persons who had his body boiled him down and sold the lard. have a nice breakfast....

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