A 24-year-old Canadian man is in federal custody for rushing toward the front of an American Airline

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    This strikes as either cultural or simply resulting from lack of familiarity with protocols & expectations. I've seen plenty of non-Americans over the years who don't stay seated until the plane reaches the gate. Something's just not adding up here.

    ABC News: Passenger Restrained on Flight to Miami Arrested

  2. Mike

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    Here's a better description of what transpired. The guy just wanted off, badly, very badly. TSA even admit reacting "out of an abundance of caution". And now the poor sod has a date in federal court ...

    The Blaze: Drunk Canadian Man Arrested After Trying to Rush Cockpit on Miami-Bound Plane

    CBS News: Drunk passenger restrained, arrested on AA flight in Miami

    But he did get a little bit of attention ...

    All for one f*****g drunk? These agencies are way overstaffed.
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