A Cop Reports - I was violated by the TSA in Phoenix

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Fisher1949, Feb 28, 2012.

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    More info from my friend: I'm still reeling from the tsa experience. first they couldn't hunt someone
    down to do the pat down. Tom just went through the metal detector and
    i don't know how we ended up with the scanners. bob went through but
    i didn't want to...and you know the first woman i was with told me that
    if she flew, she wouldn't go through them either.[​IMG]i told her I would
    be worried about herself and the job standing right near them continuously
    and that she should wear a gismo to read the output she sucks up. her
    eyes lit up and she agreed.

    that was only the start. she said they have to use new gloves every time
    to get a fresh reading from the clothing.

    When i failed they put me in the little room and i figured everything would
    be ok but i failed there too!!!!! in BIG LETTERS!!!! by then there's a group
    of tsa and i hear them saying they got one. maybe referring to lotion or
    bomb material...didn't specify.

    Later they tried to calm me down by saying it could be anything. WHAT???

    I told them this was pretty stupid because they were wasting a lot of both
    of our time. yatta, yatta.

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    Felonies have no jurisdiction.
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    Would like to add this to the Master List, but need some kind of identifying info. If she won't agree to use her real name, at least first name? Initials? Date? Airport? Something.

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