a good train experience, again

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    took 2 of my kids to the coast starlight last weekend, heading up to Seattle and thence to school. I wondered if they'd get tired of it, but they continue to prefer train, albeit cushy in the sleeper cars. In Sacto, they're revamping the entire station, and have already rerouted tracks away from the station and made them accessible via modern "subways" under the tracks, with railings all around.

    I helped them with luggage down into those tunnels where a helpful Amtrak fellow directed traffic and checked tickets. He asked me for my ticket and I replied I was assisting with suitcasery. No problem, have a nice day sir.

    On the platforms, trains coming in and leaving for the south, just one, the Starlight headed north. People relaxing on the platforms, families traveling after the holidays, taking shelter from the rare but constant drizzle. A reminder of what life used to be like in the USA before fear and sick security fetishes got the better of us.
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    Amtrak could not have asked for a better gift from the (its quasi-owner) government than the TSA.
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    yes, and Amtrak is well aware of that, I believe, so there's built-in pushback against TSA.
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    Just missed you, nachtnebel. I just got off the coast starlight mere hours ago. I also had a good trip. No one bothers me with ID checks, questions about what's in my bag, or anything else. For the most part, Amtrak employees have been nothing but nice and helpful.
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