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  1. I like the brochure idea, and have thought of the need for one myself. What I would love is a basic break down of what rights passengers have at the checkpoint (keep your belongings in sight, etc.), what is supposed to happen in certain scenarios (the ETD alarm private room screening, for example), and what sort of TSA BS you can expect to run into if you try to stand up for your rights. Also useful would be some basic advice on how to handle conflict situations at the checkpoint (remain calm and respectful, when it might be wise to request an LEO, when and how to discontinue your screening and not fly, etc.), and an outline of certain things that are never supposed to happen (a strip search, for example).
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    It looks like an issue when either party forgets the Constitution and the opposing party picks up on it and makes it an issue for elections. LBJ's great society program only went forward because he viewed it as a means of getting minority voters to follow the democrats, not as a means of righting a wrong.
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    Old Democrats: social freedom, financial slavery (to enforce altruism as advocated by the bible).
    Old Republicans: financial freedom, social slavery (to enforce the bible, no separation of church and state).

    New Democrats: Police State! It's for our own safety. Resistance is futile. And it is a crime to refer to it as a police state, citizen. DoublePlusGood.
    New Republics: Police State! It's for our own safety. Resistance is futile. And it is a crime to refer to it as a police state, citizen. DoublePlusGood.

    New Democrat = New Republican in practice, but in theory neither cares about ideas. Only about results.

    New Republicans want to keep their money and don't really care about what anyone else does. New Democrats want to keep their money too, but are willing to lose some of it as long as the people they think of as rich are losing a lot more of it than they are. They sort of believe in altruism, but are rarely seen giving their money away to charities. It's sort of an altruism by proxy. They believe that the rich should be forced to give to the poor. However much money they make the rich are nearly always defined as people who make more than they do. Ideally no one else would have more money than they do. New Democrats still believe in a big, benevolent government, but unlike Old Democrats they may not be aware that they actually believe in this. Unlike Socialists they are not idealists.

    New Republicans tend to be big fans of war: war on third world countries, war on 'terror', war on drugs, war on criminals, war on privacy. New Republicans adore the police and hate anyone who dares to break the law, and the thought of putting as many people in prison as possible gets them hard/wet. In the past couple of decades they have done a particularly good job of this. We now have more people in prison than any country in the world. At over 2 million, more even than China. A despised, rightless, underclass, about half casualties of the war on drugs, an entire country within a country locked in cages and treated worse than dogs by ruthless, professional sadists. Many New Republicans would like to see the death penalty instituted for crimes other than murder. Most New Democrats are not quite as enthusiastic about caging, beating, torturing, and killing people for violating society's arbitrary rules, but neither do they want to abolish the silly laws responsible for all of it. Both New Democrats and New Republicans usually have the same political affiliation as their parents. How embarrassing is that?

    Tea Party = Old Republicans or just one issue anti-tax voters. They don't usually believe in freedom for its own sake like Libertarians.

    Green Party: Believe in Anthropogenic Climate Change, and they are against it. May want to go back to pre-industrial civilization, but don't realize it and never explicitly state it. A one issue party I guess. Nearly all Americans do now believe in this. Anyone who doubts the majority view is ostracized, considered a crackpot, and called a 'denier'. But to the greens the issue is so important that they are willing to ignore all other issues in order to 'save the planet'. Since they really do believe all life on earth will be ending soon if we (the whole planet) don't start riding bicycles and driving electric cars, I guess their position is logical. How they intend to stop the entire planet from burning stuff I'm not sure. One way might be to make the possession of all forms of fire starter punishable by death. Including spark plugs. Ever try starting a fire with sticks? It's not easy. I'm guessing they are counting on a large military force.

    Libertarian Party: Freedom at any price. Both financially and personally. Most believe in a small government, possibly funded by taxes (probably not based on income) with police, a military, and a court/penal system and not much else. Believe in a literal reading of the Constitution, including the 9th Amendment, but probably abolishing most of the amendments added in the 20th century. Believe in a strict separation of church and state. Talk in terms of principles which makes other people think they are insane. Extremists. Idealists. Philosophical. More or less the same beliefs that the Founders had when they wrote the Constitution. Not usually based on their parents' beliefs. Since these beliefs are unpopular, generally independent thinkers.

    Socialist Party: Are they still around? Marxists. Idealists. Talk in terms of principles like Libertarians and class warfare like Democrats. Are usually more serious about egalitarianism and the class warfare stuff. Egalitarianism at any price. The only other party besides Libertarians who talk in terms of principles. Extremists. Idealists. Philosophical. Not usually based on their parents' beliefs. At least not in the US. Since these beliefs are unpopular, generally independent thinkers.

    The Pirate Party: Rules! A true one issue party. Some Libertarians and Old Democrats align themselves with their position on copyright infringement. It would be interesting to see what other beliefs the Pirates have. I wouldn't venture to even guess.
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    On that point the TSA is quite clear on their own website (all caps theirs):

    1. ALWAYS watch your belongings as they advance through the x-ray equipment at the security checkpoints - for secondary screening, INSIST that your belongings be brought to you.

    2. BE AWARE of your surroundings, the people around you, and the nearest exits - BE PREPARED!
    It's almost like they are saying "Watch out for the thieves that are within our employee ranks!" :eek::D

    I do like the idea of detailing the procedures and policies one should expect from the TSA. Any deviations can be met with "Does the FSD know that you are doing something different than before/elsewhere?"
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    Submitted for your consideration:

    Written while tired and having imbibed good drink, but a couple of thoughts:

    -I found myself calling for "prevention of a repeat instance of this travesty." I didn't outright call for abolition of TSA. Should I try to work that in? Bear in mind that I'll be working on several more letters in the near future to address several other instances of TSA misdeeds ("because of your attitude," "get your freak on," and then some).
    -This will be going to state (ILGA) and federal legislators. Should I make mention of "both here in Illinois as well as in the rest of our country" or just leave it as-is in that regard?
    -Any other factual inaccuracies or legal technicalities I should be aware of regarding arrests, Miranda, habeas corpus, and the like?
    -Open to general suggestions/criticism/improvements.
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    There have been many instances where people printed out info from the TSA's own website and presented it at the checkpoint, only to be told by the smurfs that it doesn't matter. "Every airport is different." "We have to keep changing the rules to throw the terrorists off." And other such horsesh*t.

    People have had their belongings stolen because they weren't allowed to keep an eye on them while being groped, even though the TSA's website says you must be able to see your belongings the whole time and, indeed, should "insist" on it. People who are injured and wearing a cast, brace, bandage, etc. have been forced to remove it, even at risk of great pain or further injury, because TSA clerks refuse to follow their own rules, which state that a passenger will never be required to remove such an appliance.

    And on it goes.

    They don't follow their own rules, so I don't know how helpful a brochure is going to be.
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    +100. I was told I HAD to remove my post-surgical back brace when I went through a checkpoint at OKC, even though my surgeon had told me to NOT to remove it. I tried to show them the printed-out rule that says I don't have to (I figured this would happen), but they wouldn't even LOOK at it, much less dispute it. They just insisted. I refused. So I had to undergo two extremely painful gropes, including one by a supervisor who pressed on my back brace right over my recent surgical wound, until I cried out in pain.
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    Having had back surgery I would have been screaming for LEO right then and i would be telling that Tuck Fard supervisor he was going to jail for battery, willful negligence and anything else the DA deems appropriate. I would dare them to threaten me or touch me as it would be all over but " how many zeros you want on that check"! To this day I have residual issues and I dont need some waste of oxygen excerbating the situation.
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    I wrote up this entire horrific incident over at FT. It was one of the worst experiences of my life, and left me shaking and in tears. Not only was I physically assaulted to the point of crying out in pain, but I was sexually assaulted by the same supervisor, who, after running her hand up the inside of my thigh, proceeded to rub her hand over my pubis to get to the other leg, pressing in hard enough that I felt it on my clitoris. (Sorry for the graphic nature of this description, but I can think of no other words to describe what she did.) I protested loudly, but not as much as I could (and perhaps should) have. At the time I was exhausted, in pain, on strong pain meds, and in the midst of a grueling trip only a couple weeks post-op...and I just wanted to GO HOME. I basically let them have their way with me, which sickens me to this day. But I was not in any kind of physical shape to stand up for my rights.

    I still have nightmares, and wish that I'd had the strength to do something about it at that time. But they caught me at my physically weakest, and were able to assault me at their whim. Just thinking about that experience still makes me feel sick to my stomach.
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    BTW the statue of limitations for sexual assault is typically 1-2 years. If you have a name or can describe them you can probably get it filed. This is what needs to start happening, maybe if a few more smurfs were perp walked and put on the sex offenders list this (expletive deleted) would stop.
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    I was under the impression that smurf-clerks had immunity from prosecution, and that the ATDA was intended to fix that problem by opening them up to liability. Has this just never been tested in court or did I miss something that stripped them of immunity?
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    Doing ones job has never been a valid reason for breaking the law. (sorry godwin) The Nazis learned this the hard way; TSA does as well!

    I would personally challenge this but the smurfs at DFW know better then to tempt me as they have tried and lost the last 2 times (one photography related, the other reguarding what the laws of texas actually are in regards to assault, battery and indecent contact), Not to mention the Terminal E ones know i will throw down (literally) if grabbed from behind.
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    This assault occurred in March of this year. I did not get names - I was just not in the right frame of mind at the time to even think about that. Believe me, I wish that I had. This was the first time I'd personally been assaulted by a TSO (although my mother had, twice) and I was just not mentally prepared for it, given my weakened physical condition at the time.

    I have since resolved to NEVER LET THIS HAPPEN AGAIN. And the next time I got groped, I didn't. I opted out of the porno-scanner, and was treated to an abusive groping by a pissed-off TSO who freaked out when I shouted "STOP TOUCHING MY VAGINA!" every time she karate-chopped my crotch. After numerous threats to walk me out of the airport, and ignoring my repeated demands to call an LEO, she finally called over a supervisor who proceeded to grope me without touching my genitals. But SHE then apparently felt she had the right to insist that I listen to a lecture or something - I never did find out what she wanted to say to me, because as she trailed me saying "I need to talk to you!" I just kept repeating "I have nothing to say to you, I have nothing to say to you, I have nothing to say to you". Finally, when she wouldn't leave me alone, I said, "Have I been cleared?" She replied "Yes..." so I said "Listen, I and ONLY I get to decide who touches my vagina, and who I talk to. I do not choose you for either. So leave me the (expletive deleted) alone." And I walked away. She didn't follow.

    That felt good...although it still pisses me off beyond description that I HAD to do any of that at all.:mad:
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    Holy (expletive deleted), LeeAnne. I don't think you ever mentioned that part. Congrats for putting a subhuman smurf-clerk in its place. I agree that it's a shame you had to do any of that, but hopefully it'll think twice before it tries karate-chopping anyone else the way it did to you.
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    Celtic, I never wrote this one up per se...I'd already been banned from "that place" when this happened. I've mentioned parts of the experience in various posts here, but I've never written up the whole experience. Some of you may recall my mentioning a grope-down in which the groper jumped back and dramatically screamed "I can't screen this lady! This lady won't let me screen her!" every time I flinched when she karate-chopped my vagina. This was also the TSO who got all huffy about my saying the word "vagina" - "You can't use words like that here, there are children in the line!" To which I replied, "Stop touching my vagina, and I'll stop saying it!"

    I think I've mentioned the supervisor trying to get me to talk to her before, but maybe not in such detail.
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    As usual, the 'tards are all over "there's nothing in the Constitution saying that flying is a right."

    They've got it backwards. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that the federal government has the power to require a search in order to travel.
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    No, what needs to happen is every judge in the country being forced to travel daily through ATL or PHX for a few weeks.

    Nothing else will get them to see what the problem really is.
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    As Mike rightly puts it, one grope at a time, one grope at a time. Problem is, at that rate, it'll take years before enough people wake up.
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    In the meantime, hopefully we'll get to see some smurf-clerks irradiate themselves to a cancerous death.

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