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Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by AngryMiller, Oct 31, 2011.

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    Google is your friend-we're probably not.:D Think of different ways it may have originally been posted and try those.
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    The report Tsoron is referring to is actually SSI (I know, ridiculous). Fear not, I should be able to figure out a way to post it. One of the most bizarre things about SSI is the powers that be rarely print out the info on paper. They would rather brief the minions verbally - I am not kidding.

    Not all TSO's are bad - but the SSI debacle is a pointless exercise designed to protect the TSA. In that vein, I plan on posting plenty of info in the upcoming months. Here is some good stuff to get started with. You can thank Ron for being the catalyst to spark this disclosure.



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    Welcome to TUG, another tso!
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    Just as I have been saying for a long time, the current preoccupation with groping grandma diverts attention from the real issues of security, and in fact makes passengers less safe. The linked documents go a long way towards proving this, especially the first one, which shows the TSA to be far overly reliant on some explosive trace detectors which are of dubious value, and to be more concerned with firing any employee who calls this to their attention. Thanks for posting.
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    Probably not surprising, but airlines seem to be able to publish SSI in training materials and operating manuals for quick and easy reference without screwing the pooch. When the TSA tries to obfuscate things, such as the hamfisted Screening Procedure SOP PDF redaction a couple of years ago, they end up with more trouble than they bargained for. Yet another reason for privatization of screening operations, with oversight by the FAA.

    I keep trying to tell you guys Ron is good for somethings. :D

    Welcome to TUG!
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    Great stuff another tso!
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    When you probe into many of the links, it is amazing the lengths that DHS/TSA goes to in order to attempt to justify some of their procedures
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    Ron said...
    All SSI is written down or in an electronic format. Otherwise it cannot exist.

    If your a TSO, you are a poor one. Time to find another job.


    This is a great example of the current problems with the TSA. I experienced a significant pay cut when I took this job. I do what I do because I love this country and want nothing more than to serve and protect her. There is an incredible amount of infighting and mistrust internally, and it serves absolutely no purpose. Whether you believe I am who I say I am is immaterial; we are on the same team (all of us here, I'd like to think, but especially you Ron). Why in the world would you insult me like you just did? Let's try to solve some problems - there is enough animosity toward the government as it is. If you are angry at the current administration, join the club! But lashing out at people who espouse the very ideals you hold dear only fragments and weakens the TSA in the eyes of the public.

    I have no problem with you Ron - (I may not agree with your views but I respect your right to voice them) - if you have one with me that's fine, but at least be man enough to put your cards on the table. Like I said pal, we are on the same team here, believe it or not.
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    You became a TSA employee because you want to serve and protect the United States?

    Your credibility just took a serious hit.

    Especially when you claim that you're on the same side of the table as Ron, who's made it very clear that he holds the passengers in contempt.
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