A Museum of Repression Aims to Shock the Conscience

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    A Museum of Repression Aims to Shock the Conscience
    by Randall C. Archibold
    New York Times
    A shock to the conscience is the goal of the new Memorial Museum of Dominican Resistance, which brings into stark relief the years of repressive rule in this country, principally the 30 years of dictatorship under Rafael Trujillo from 1930 to 1961, considered among the bloodiest in Latin America.
    In his Pulitzer-Prize-winning novel “The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao,” Junot Díaz explored the Trujillo era and the tendency for Dominicans, indeed cultures the world over, to bury bloody chapters rather than “take the full measure of that traumatic legacy.”
    “We patrol our silences with greater energy than we patrol anything,” Mr. Díaz, who was not involved in building the museum, said in an e-mail.
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    Trujillo was a piece of work. He renamed the capital city "Trujillo City." He gave himself the title "Savior of the Nation." For mother's day, he had a stamp printed with his own mother's photograph on it. Almost as bad as Charlie Sheen!

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