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Discussion in 'Civil Rights & Privacy' started by barbell, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. Sunny Goth

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    >As for the legality of it, these searches have been upheld in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, so I'm sure they'll be upheld in DC as well. As the 5 panelists at that symposium concurred, change will have to be political, not judicial. It will have to come from people pushing back.

    Yeah, I agree - the bag searches will probably be upheld in DC. I also agree that change will come from political protest, at least in the short term.

    On a strange, related topic.... I like watching Dexter, but I'm a season behind. Last night I was trying to catch up and so watched several episodes in a row. What did I see? There was a two or three minute scene involving a sympathetic character who had been raped by several men over a period of time having to go through a pat down at the airport. I don't know if the people who write/produce Dexter have issues with the TSA, but the airport scene was harrowing and the TSA agents were depicted pretty much as we see them (not in a flattering light at all). Stony faced, grabby and insensitive. There were also people (mostly men) gawking at her -- the whole horrible experience. I'm sure they could have shown her PTSD in another way, but they chose to do it this way. Maybe this was someone who works on the show had a run in with the TSA and this was payback?
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    Wow. That sounds like a powerful scene (she says as she scurries off to Google "Dexter"). Let's hope for more of them, on TV, in movies, in novels.
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    Umm, Dexter is kind of a scary show. He works for the Miami police dept as a blood spatter analyst. He's also a serial killer - he kills only murderers who have somehow evaded justice. Exceptions apply and mistakes are sometimes made.

    I'll see if I can find the episode title.
  4. Sunny Goth

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    The episode is called "First Blood" and is from season 5. I'm a big fan of the site 'television without pity' - they do snarky (but accurate) recaps of a lot of shows, including Dexter. Here's their recap of that episode. Their snarky title for the episode is 'Leavin' on a Jet Plane...'.
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    I remember seeing that when it first aired. Was strikingly topical and really did capture the attitude of smurf-clerks. Of course, the people (I use the term lightly) over at IMDB were too busy talking about how it was like watching cheap lesbian porn to even begin to contemplate civil-liberties implications. Still one of my more powerful memories of wondering "What's the RFC number for the TCP/IP STRANGLE_USER function again?" As much fun as it is to rock it old-school, IRC-style trout slapping just doesn't seem sufficient for mouth-breathers like that.

    Eureka had a similarly interesting episode in its third season. The episode "Your Face or Mine" saw the introduction of a new security system for Global Dynamics, the town's supergenius think-tank. It was a DNA-modeling device that would then be able to track the whereabouts of its scanned subjects, anywhere within the GD complex. ...Or in the entire town. ...24 hours a day, nonstop. To the show's credit, the character (Henry) who opposed the device on civil-rights grounds did NOT "come around" by the end of the episode. Additionally, the AFSer character (Allison) was portrayed in a less-than-perfectly-sympathetic light for her AFS attitude and I picked up a subtle implication that "Henry's perspective should be a foregone conclusion - civil rights do matter." That may have just been my own bias injecting itself though.

    But the really creepy thing about this episode? The DNA sequencing chamber looked strikingly reminiscent of a MMW NoS.

    Interestingly, it aired on 07/17/2009 which was right around the time that AIT/WBI was introduced (if memory serves correctly). Makes you go "hmmmmmm..."
  6. Sunny Goth

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    Yeah, it does make me wonder ...... According to the television without pity site the Dexter episode aired on 10/24/2010 which was just before the big roll out of the scanners. The grope downs hadn't really started yet either, yet the pat down shown on Dexter was intense.

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