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Discussion in 'New Users' started by Jennifer Abel, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. Jennifer Abel

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    Hi, everyone. I joined this forum after some members wrote to tell me of it; I'm currently an underemployed journalist and semiprofessional blogger whose career lately has been morphing into an anti-TSA one-trick pony. But that's better than being a horse's (expletive deleted), which is what I'd feel like if I didn't speak up against these outrages. It does get discouraging, though; when the TSA first instituted the patdown policy last year I wrote a column about it for a certain newspaper, and my editor said he planned to hold it for a couple of days before publication.

    And I was worried, because (this is how naive I used to be) I seriously thought TSA would back down from the groping policy within a day or two, same way it backed down from the infamous and short-lived "bathroom ban" it imposed the day after Christmas, 2009; I feared if my editor didn't hurry up and publish my anti-groping column, it would be as obsolete as an op-ed urging Nixon to resign.

    And now here we are nearing the one-year anniversary of the policy, and it's spreading to other forms of mass transit as well. It still feels surreal to me, that this is happening in the United States of America; deep down, I think I still expect my old middle school civics teacher to step out and yell "SURPRISE! You're actually still twelve years old, and this has all been a disturbing and incredibly realistic documentary about life behind the Iron Curtain and other totalitarian places. Now let me continue with our lesson about how lucky we are to be Americans instead. The fourth amendment to the constitution guarantees freedom from unreasonable search and seizure. . . ."
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    Welcome to the Travel Underground! Hopefully we can assist in providing lots of material for your day job. :D

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    I relate to the sense of nightmare. My son was born on this day in the post-cold war, fat and happy, days of the Clinton administration. The government of the country of his birth may be AWOL, but he's still an American. He asks me what happened. But I can't even explain it myself...

    Glad to have you here. Keep writing!
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    Welcome to TUG, Jennifer.

    It's always fantastic to see another reporter joining up with us - I hope we'll have a lot to offer one another as the days go on.
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    Welcome Jennifer! Love having contacts in the media.
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