ABC News: Sept. 11 Anniversary Report Card: Not a Lot of A's

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    Sept. 11 Anniversary Report Card: Not a Lot of A's

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    We are not satisfied with improvements to TSA’s explosives screening capability. With significant federal funding, TSA has deployed large numbers of enhanced screening equipment used at passenger checkpoints and baggage check screening. Unfortunately, explosives detection technology lacks reliability and lags in its capability to automatically identify concealed weapons and explosives. The next generation of whole body scanning machines also are not effective at detecting explosives hidden within the body and raise privacy and health concerns that DHS has not fully addressed. Our conclusion is that despite 10 years of working on the problem, the aviation screening system still falls short in critical ways with respect to detection.
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    And a place for comments in the Post story.
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    Good heavens, anyone here could have told the Commission this and saved them the effort.
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    Further, the Commission is still pushing for RealID implementation.

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