About.com guide: TSA Grants Passengers More Pat-Down Rights

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  1. Mike

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    Is this guy not only hiding under a rock but also trying to burrow deeper? To avoid totally humiliating this poor chap, I'll only parse about a third of his article.

    Robert Longley, About.com guide: TSA Grants Passengers More Pat-Down Rights :td:

    What Are Your Rights? If, heaven forbid, you are required to submit to what TSA says calls a "thorough" pat-down search, you have these rights and assurances:
    • The TSA says the pat-down search will be conducted by an officer of your gender. But, notes the TSA, you might have to wait for an officer of your gender to become available. (They do usually deliver on this, eventually, assuming you can stand long enough.)
    • You have the right to request that the pat-down be conducted in a private location that cannot be seen by other passengers, airport employees or the general public. (Paging Michelle Dunaj)
    • The pat-down search must be witnessed by another TSA officer. In addition, you have the right to have the search witnessed by a travel companion or anyone else of your choice. (Paging Dana Loesch)
    • You have the right to request a chair if you need to sit down. (Paging Mr. & Dana Loesch)
    • You should tell the TSA officer -- before the pat-down search begins - if you have any physical condition that makes it hard for you raise your arms or to remain in the position for undergoing a pat-down search. You should also tell the officer if you any areas of your body that are painful when touched. (Paging all the people in wheelchairs that were forced to stand up & walk for the pizza box tyrants.)
    • Finally, the TSA officer should never ask you to remove or lift any article of clothing to reveal a sensitive part of your body. (Paging Dana Loesch, Paging Michelle Dunaj)
    If They Find Explosives: In addition to pat-down searches, the TSA now uses technology that tests passengers for traces of explosive material. If the TSA detects explosives or traces of explosives on you or your clothing, you will have to undergo "additional screening." Basically, you're going to be there a while. (Eh? You mean the hand lotion detector / auto grope enabler? A while = at least long enough for the same-sex pervert to cop a good feel or two)
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  2. nachtnebel

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    they will stroke your genitals not once or twice, but six times. Three times from side to side, and three times up and down. And you must be in a private room when
    this happens, because, as the female clerk admits on video to Dana Loesch, they simply don't want other passengers seeing this. And why not? Not for legitimate
    reasons of hiding "secret stuff" because the procedure is easily learned and has been documented many times. But ONLY because the TSA does not want passengers
    to see this and be outraged, shocked, or realize that they can easily be next for this. This is pure evil.
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  3. Affection

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    I would *never* go in a private room with the TSA. Never. It's not worth it. Miss your flight, deal with the threats of civil penalties that never come, but don't go.

    If for some reason you choose to ignore this advice, demand a law enforcement officer be present as your witness, and demand that the search be recorded.

  4. Fisher1949

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    I though the same thing wrt to the Dana Loesch report.
    There are many reports of pax refusing to go to a private area but insisting they do it at the checkpoint. If you don't refuse the search they have no basis for a civil penalty, they can't force you to go anywhere.
  5. Frank

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    Has anyone asked if he's sniffing glue?
  6. Caradoc

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    And don't forget to ask in as loud a voice as possible, "What do you plan to do to me in the back room that you don't want all of these people to see?"
  7. nachtnebel

    nachtnebel Original Member

    that's my take on it exactly. If I'm not prepared to cancel the flight over this, I won't go to the airport. On my recent longer international trips, I had cancellable/refundable tickets. On less expensive domestic flights, I'll eat the cost of the flight. I won't allow a genital grab as the condition of getting on a flight. I'm not going to sit there and stew while some unintelligent goon illegally, immorally, and sexually molests me. Reset and travel another time.
  8. "You want me to follow you to a secret back room so you can watch your colleague rub my crotch? Do you not realize they make porn about what you folks do to people in your back rooms?"
  9. Caradoc

    Caradoc Original Member

    It isn't about getting the TSA employees riled up. They don't care, or they wouldn't be "working" for the TSA.

    The goal should be to get everyone else - all of the travelers - to consider what's going to happen when they pop a false positive and the TSA wants to take them into the back room for a grope.

  10. Oh, I know. I'm going for a tone of innocent shock here. On some days I think I could pull it off.
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  11. Frank

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    I'll bet that the one Freedom Fluffer with more than two brain cells above the cerebellum would construe this as "Interference with the screening process", "disturbing the peace", and probably "mopery with intent to creep" and call an airport cop to have you hauled off.
  12. Caradoc

    Caradoc Original Member

    Where does that one work? Certainly not in ATL, PHX, AUS, or DFW, which are the only places I'm likely to fly (under duress.)
  13. Caradoc

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    "Your Honor, how does questioning their motives in a purportedly administrative search suddenly turning into a strip-search construe 'interference with the screening process?'"
  14. RB

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    Am I the only one bothered by the concept of TSA granting rights?
  15. DeafBlonde

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    ^ Ummm....no!
  16. Fisher1949

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    x 2
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  17. CelticWhisper

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    So what happens if the person outside the room keeps rolling the footage (using Qik/TapIn) and the grope victim calls out, loudly enough to be heard through the door, exactly what the smurf-clerk is doing?

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