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    Here in the upper midwest in the winter we have to deal with "snow emergencies". If the city declares one, you either play their game or your car gets tagged & towed.

    So yesterday we had a couple inches of snow, this after a day of rain which melted almost everything that was already on the ground. This afternoon's snow depth map from the MN DNR shows a snow cover of 0-1" for Ramsey county, which includes St. Paul. Highs today and tomorrow are expected to reach 38°F on both days, which should melt all of it.

    True to form, St. Paul's corrupt city officials have declared a snow emergency.

    As of 9:30 a.m. this morning, St. Paul had tagged approximately 1900 vehicles ($53) and towed 795 of them ($219.50). Towees can expect to pay an additional $15/day for storage after the first day.

    This is just day 1. Snow emergencies run 2-3 days until all the streets are plowed. Sucks to live in St. Paul today.
  2. Wow. If they did that up here, there would be rioting in the street. Pitchforks and snow shovels. Our snow manages to get plowed quite effectively without any tyranny.
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    Yeah, meanwhile just across the river in Minneapolis, snow emergencies are not declared at the same rate as in St. Paul. Weird. You wouldn't think a river could have such a huge effect on weather for a metropolitan area. :confused:

    I lived in the heart of Minneapolis - Linden Hills, and literally blocks from Lake Harriett, for our fellow TUGgers who know the area (you know who you are) where I guess the lake effect shielded us from the daily pile ups in St. Paul - a mighty river and thousands of lakes away, but I digress. Never once did we have snow emergencies declared at the rate of St. Paul. Not even close.

    Heck, there were days I thought one should have been declared, but the people just kept on trucking. What do I know? I'm just a southern boy who wilts at the sight of a snowflake.
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    Up here in Albany we follow the tenets of former Mayor Corning: "God giveth, God can damn well taketh away."
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