Acronyms...Love them or Hate them... Whats your favorite

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    Now a days with kids texting lingo what is said isnt not mean what you think it is. In healthcare there are so many acronyms its not even funny and some so close can lead to errors if not careful. Although it is pretty funny when you can turn in a chart with a narritive containing nothing but acronyms and everyone knows what you mean, without missing a beat.

    While on the other hand the people in the comms bay scratch there head at simple ones like:
    N/V/D = Neasea Vomiting and Dierrhea
    DM = Diabeties Mellitus

    favorites I use...especially at work

    TSTL = Too Stupid To Live
    NTFB = Not too F@#%!* Bright
    AOSTF = Arrived on Scene to Find
    TMB = Too Many Birthdays
    ART = Assuming Room Tempature... also see DOS
    DRT = Dead Right There
    FDGB = Fall Down Go Boom
    NRITH = Not Right in the head
    DFO = Done Fell Out (passed out / fainted)
    DTKC = Doing the Kickin Chicken aka Seizure
    DOS = Dead on Scene
    AITB = ALS in the Back (of the ambulance)
    DS = Drug Seeking
    Code Brown = :trash:
    Code Yellow = pt has emptied there bladder on the stretcher/cot
    FF = Frequent Flyer - typically used in a text message when a crew is dispatched to a known address of a FF along with additional information on the person
    Signal 31 = Getting food/fuel for crew and truck
    Signal 6 = Distress signal. Roll PD Priority to my location (this is a system specific acronym)
    #n# to <Destination facility>(first number is priority, second number is patient count) IE 3n1 to Parkland /Baylor Dallas etc

    I will admit with a passion that I hate 10 codes as seem like every department has there own version. Only commonality is 10-4 (everything okay)

    Then there is the perinial punching bag...TSA
    Thousands Standing Around
    Terrorist Support Association
    Too Stupid for Arbys
    Theft and Sexual Assault
    They'll Steal Anything
    Totally Stupid and Assinine
    Treason Support Association

    ...Ready go!
  2. DeafBlonde

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    Testicular Search Agency
    :) Just now thought that one up...however, I may have heard it in passing...having a lot of "blonde moments" lately!:oops:
  3. Frank

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    CTD/EU Circling The Drain/Etyology Unknown
    GOMER Get Outta My Emergency Room!
    CFCP Coocoo For Coco Puffs
    CHAOS Chief Has Arrived On Scene
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    You forgot the old standby code for the normal progress during a military operation:

    SNAFU = The beginning of the operation - Situation Normal All F%^#$ Up
    TARFU = The middle of the operation - Things Are Really F&(*&%^# Up
    FUBAR = The end game of the operation - F*^&^%# Up Beyond All Recognition (or sometimes Repair depending on the current status of the ability to finish the mission)

    Those were almost always in play at some point during a normal military day.
    DRT was in play when we were deployed or on patrol and a body showed up.
    And finally, not really an acronym, but bodies in the Panama Canal (which was a multiple daily occurrence when I was there) were called Cork (and that one came from the Panamanian PD).
  5. TravelnMedic

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    Corks now thats a term I havent heard in a while. Gas bags is the term I hear more then anything

    SNAFUBAR = Situation normal All F'd up beyond all recognition.
    TF = Tuck Fard
    FT = F#$& Tard
    Both of those are interchangeable
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    And of course, any acronym that is too short to be converted into a viable sound is to be converted to military alphabet speak right?
    Tango Foxtrot
    Foxtrot Tango
    (there can be some variances based upon military/LEO/EMT branch that you worked with - I use the Army version circa late 80s-mid 90s)

    Gas bags were what they called the ones that were found after baking for a couple of days. We had one in VA that started as a cork, but wound up stuck in a grate under a bridge, and yours truly (being the low man on the totem pole at the time) drew the fantastic duty of extracting said cork from the grate assembly. It went from being cork, to being modern art masterpiece, to being a puzzle. It was one of the most miserable experiences of my entire life, because after the extraction and identification were complete, I also drew notification duty. Water does terrible things to the human body, water and pressure do even worse things.
  7. TravelnMedic

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    Yeah we have more then a few that get used. Since we know the media is listening in on our frequencies we have to talk in code if pertainent info has to go over the radio. I will be so glad when we go to 800DX radios as then can have more secure radio comms.

    I can imagine, and trust me I know what a body in the enviroment (cold or heat);thats a smell you will never forget. As for the water and on/in water recovery I'd rather not relive those events/ mental images come back...and I will leave it at that.
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    The encoding of transmissions (whether with new software or new radio system) among EMTs and to a lesser extent LEOs is something I completely agree with, in many cases there is no good that can come of outside ears drawing on broadcast info in those situations. Sometimes the newsies and scanner trolls beat you guys and the responding LEOs to the scene, and that can generate more confusion. In the case of EMTs the dissemination of personal info can cause folks trouble, even if you guys talk in code, there are those that can piece it together. To use the most notable ways, when someone famous is involved in an EMT call, the trolls on the net know what is going on almost as well as you guys do sometimes, and that is a just bad news.

  9. TravelnMedic

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    On the radio I keep it short and sweet. If I have to do a patient report over radio (rare as I prefer to call it in over recorded line); it's age/sex, chief complaint, vital signs, interventions, and eta that's it.

    The scanner trolls, amatuer newsies and rescue ricky's absolutely tick me off. Although karma tends to take care of them pdq, sometimes I have to get creative to deal with them.
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    I was lucky, my patrol time was usually on post or in a foreign country where the rules were a bit different. I have family members that were LEOs and they all hated the trolls and newsies with a passion. One said they used to show up to areas on the outer ring of their patrol area and there were the newsies snapping pics of folks bleeding out or injured at a wreck and not doing anything to help them. Keep being creative, any time they have to deal with creativity it takes them out of their element and makes it more difficult for them and I am all for that.
  11. CelticWhisper

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    A few from sysadmin-ville:

    PEBKAC: Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair
    BOFH: Bastard Operator From (expletive deleted), from a series of (hilarious) stories by Simon Travaglia about a sysadmin that every sysadmin, at some point in their life, has secretly wished they could be.
    LART: (L)User Attitude Readjustment Tool. Generally a ball-peen hammer, cattle prod, rubber hose, etc. Hopefully in coming years we'll see SCART go from referring to a video interconnect standard to meaning Smurf-Clerk Attitude Readjustment Tool. Imagine being issued a TASER at the start of your trip through airport security. Gives me the warm fuzzies.
    PFY: Pimply-Faced Youth. Junior sysadmin, helpdesk support, other assistant role in IT.
    YHGTBFKM: You Have Got To Be (expletive deleted) Kidding Me - words every netadmin has uttered at one point or another. Generally associated with a SNAFU or FUBAR scenario, which in turn is prompted by a PEBKAC error with error code...
    Eye Dee Ten Tee: This is an inverse one. Only when the (l)user writes it down do they realize what's been said. (ID10T)
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  12. RB

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    A couple from a guy I worked with some years ago.

    TSNC: tough (expletive deleted) next case
    EOC: end of converstation

    both terms usually used together: TSNC, EOC
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  14. TravelnMedic

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    KMAYOYO = Kiss My (expletive deleted) Your On Your Own
  15. Frank

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    East coast version is AMF-YOYO. Adios, Mother...

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