Adventures of a Teenage Polyglot

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  1. Lisa Simeone

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    Time for something fun.

    This kid is so amazing, be prepared for your jaw to drop. As someone who's a linguaphile herself, I'm not fit to touch his hem. He started teaching himself languages when he was about 13. He's 16 now. He speaks -- I can't even remember how many. I mean speaks! Not just reads. He has posted videos of himself speaking them, and people around the world watch and critique and get in touch with him. His talent is gobsmacking. You've gotta see these videos:

    Adventures of a Teenage Polyglot
  2. Sunny Goth

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    Wow. Very impressive.
  3. Mike

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    Pretty impressive -- almost 2X the languages I've studied and with far more proficiency, and all by age 16.

    What's most interesting is that that these are not all related languages, e.g. Indo-European. There are at least 5 language families represented in that list (possibly more since I don't even know what language families some of them, e.g. Kurdish, Pashto, Hausa, belong to.
  4. Frank

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    My co-worker has a daughter like this. She's currently blowing away the curve at CUNY Law School.

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