AF flies 30 unmatched bags from Caracas to Paris ... full of cocaine

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    If drug dealers can get 30 unmatched suitcases onto a flight from Caracas to Venezuala, then terrorist should have no trouble arranging shipments of their own "hazardous materials".

    This screw-up follows on the heels of an incredible number of hull losses in recent years:
    • June, 2009: AF447, A330-200, autopilot disengaged, crew was incapable of flying plane manually, stalled, crashed into south Atlantic
    • August, 2005: AF358, A340-300, landed long at Montreal, passengers evacuated, plane burned
    • July, 2000: AF4590, Concorde, crashed after tire ruptured on takeoff at CDG
    • March, 1999: 747 freighter crashed, burned on landing at Madras, India
    • April, 1998: AF422, leased 727 flew into a mountain near Bogota, Columbia
    • December, 1994, AF8969, A300 airframe written off after failed terrorist hijacking
    That's 6 hull losses in 20 years, one per three years, including three widebodies.

    UK Independent: Record 1.3 tonne cocaine haul seized on Air France plane to Paris (Sept 22 2013)

    French police have seized a record haul of 1.3 tonnes of pure cocaine, stored in 31 suitcases in the hold of an Air France flight to Paris from Venezuela. Not one was registered to a real passenger ... All of the colourful 31 suitcases containing the drugs which were checked in for the Caracas to Paris Air France flight were registered to fictitious passengers ... Venezuelan police are also investigating how the shipment came to be on the plane.

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