AFGE: Our incompetent screeners are being fired unfairly! Wahhh!

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Mike, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. Mike

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    The Chief: AFGE Local: TSA Unfairly Firing Baggage Screeners

    The union representing 25 Newark airport baggage screeners the Transportation Security Administration plans to fire for incompetence blamed what the agency called bad screening procedures on improper training and noted that the firings took place just days before a more-stringent due-process policy goes into effect.

    The agency announced its plans to dismiss the screeners Oct. 19 and said another 19 employees, 17 of whom were supervisors, would be suspended for two weeks without pay. Eight other workers were fired in June as part of the same investigation, making this the largest single disciplinary action the TSA has conducted at a single U.S. airport.

    Do you bozos need help finding the door?
  2. Rugape

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    While I like the idea of representation in situations where someone is accused of something, if you have passed your certification for TSO positions, you knew that NOT SCREENING bags that alarm is a no-go of the first order. I could understand if these employees were still in training status, and had not been taught correctly - that would be one thing, but these folks have been around for quite a bit (if you are an STSO, you have probably got at least 2 years with TSA). There is no excuse that I can hear that will make NOT SCREENING bags that alarm be ok. This was a willful disregard of the SOP, with (at a minimum) tacit agreement from on site management, there truly is no defense to be made. This is the side of union business that is most unsavory to me, fighting for folks that willfully disregarded SOP - and by extension, making it more difficult to remove problem employees.
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    Laughable. Purely laughable.

    Then stop paying dues to a union that actively defends such idiots, thieves, and morons. It's your choice.

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