After 9/11: 'You no longer have rights'

Discussion in 'Civil Rights & Privacy' started by Mike, Sep 2, 2011.

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    UK Guardian: After 9/11: 'You no longer have rights': What was it like for immigrant Muslims and Arab-Americans in the wake of 9/11? Ten years on, three people tell their stories

    Pretty appalling stories:

    1. 16 year old Adama Bah, jailed without charges or an attorney for several weeks, tried to trick her and another teenager into admitting that they had volunteered as suicide bombers.
    2. Raed Jarrar -- harassed by TSA and Jet Blue for wearing a t-shirt that read (in both English and Arabic) "we will not be silent; won a $240,0000 settlement as a result
    3. Yasir Aladdin Afif, car tracked, phone and email apparently monitor, harassed by FBI with a bogus traffic stop, always harassed for several hours when he returns to the U.S.
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    Who knew; B6 has FBI detectives working undercover as FAs? :rolleyes: That's one of the stupidest things I've heard in a while.
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    Not at all -- from the context it sounds as though after he was allowed to board, a JetBlue FA volunteered to watch him & be an FBI informant. Remember that this guy won a $240,000 settlement. These are likely among the details that came out during discovery.
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    I was being sarcastic. ;)

    Either someone is a threat and they are denied boarding, or allow them to take the seat they were ticketed in and leave them alone. Would the flight have diverted if they spied him watching some faux violence like pro wrestling?
  5. Mike

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    There are some who might consider watching Fox News grounds for diversion or even rendition.
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