Aiding "Noble" Syrian Rebels & the Information Age

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    I'm not in favor of destablizing governments, even those that seem oppressive. Many brutal regimes hold in check equally brutal factions that should not be permitted to run wild:

    I think the lessons of the 20th century should cause us to think twice about the supposed "benefits" of overthowing oppressive governments. I know most citizens are sensible enough to remember what happened in Yugoslavia after the death of Tito.

    Some people are better off under someone's boot heel. It's safer for everyone that way. In my opinion, the Syrian rebels fall into that catagory. I hope our idiots in charge don't help these rebels tear down the Syrian government. Nothing but misery will result.
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    not sure I quite agree with that. I'm sure most of those folks would be better of under a just government. The reality is that those types of conflicts in those parts of the world are all about replacing one set of barbarians with another set, so in addition to no real change in the oppression, you have the brutality of a civil war. That our government is involved in that intractable mess is beyond foolish. All the blood and money spent in Iraq and nothing has changed there at all. Except maybe that Saddam doesn't collect a paycheck anymore.
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