Air marshal fired for disclosing "SSI" that he made up

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    Please use due caution if you roll your eyes as you read this.

    Blog of Legal Times Feds: Fired TSA Air Marshal Disclosed 'Sensitive' Information

    A federal air marshal in Miami named Jose Lacson says he was just venting when he posted information on a website dedicated to law enforcement issues. The information, he later told investigators, was "fictitious." The content, he said, was "made up" and not based on facts. Transportation security officials concluded Lacson disclosed "sensitive security information" in four comments on the web site


    Does it matter, as Lacson claims, that he fabricated the content of the Internet posts? That's the question the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit will confront at a hearing Thursday. Lacson contends the Transportation Security Administration can't label something "sensitive" if the information is false. DOJ lawyers argue the accuracy of the statements is beside the point.
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    Paging Franz Kafka, paging Franz Kafka, Franz Kafka, line 1 please.
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    How do these people keep a straight face?
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    Hearing is scheduled for tomorrow.
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    TSA creates fictitious threats and fictitious policies to thwart said threats. These then become SSI.

    Therefore by creating his own fictitious account of fictitious events as an Air Marshall, he created and simultaneously disclosed SSI. I'm sure there was a security breach in there somewhere and that passengers were delayed.
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    It's the end of the world as we know it...lalalalalalala
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    I bet I know what talk show you listened to! :D
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    Love him - he's my hero!
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    Love this one
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