Air passenger data used to seize digital devices ...

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    When you provide personal information to the airlines, and the airlines turn your personal information over to the government, this is what they do with it. This kind of end run should be illegal / unconstitutional. If they want your data for an investiagation and don't have probably cause to search it, they should not be allowed to seize it under other circumstances. Border searches should be limited to border purposes (e.g. smuggling contraband).

    Wired / Thread Level: Feds Stalked Airline Passenger Lists to Catch Manning’s Friend, Documents Show (Sept 10 2013)

    Federal agents entered the name of a friend of Chelsea Manning into a government watchlist database and waited months for him to leave the country for vacation just so they could nab him when he returned to seize his digital devices, according to documents released this week in a lawsuit.

    Even though authorities had already questioned David Maurice House after the arrest of former Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning (formerly Bradley Manning) in May 2010, House was placed on the watchlist so that authorities could seize his digital media when he returned to the country, under a law that allows warrantless border searches.

    The documents indicate House was wanted for questioning in relation to the leak of classified material, even though he had already been questioned. Border agents were ordered to conduct a full secondary screening of him and his bags (.pdf) and to “secure digital media” and “ID all companions” with him.

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