Airline pilot carjacks man near Seatac

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  1. KrazyKat

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    Lucky for the pilot the man wasn't trigger-happy:
    A pilot who was supposed to fly a chartered plane from Seattle to Japan on Sunday instead carjacked a man at gunpoint, then fled before being arrested, deputies said.​
    The bizarre incident involving the 43-year-old Omni Air pilot from Oklahoma happened Saturday night in SeaTac. Deputies say he was under the influence of some substance, but are waiting for further investigation to determine exactly what it was.​
    “The victim, a 66-year-old Bainbridge man, told police he had gotten into his rental car at the Hilton Hotel when the suspect got into his back seat.​
    After a brief exchange of words, the victim pointed a handgun at the suspect and told him to get out of the car.​
    “A struggle ensued and the victim struck the suspect several times with the handgun. The victim got out of the car and the suspect chased him around the car. The suspect then got into the driver’s seat and fled in the victim’s vehicle.”​
    Lucky for the Japan flight's passengers, they got a new pilot.
  2. Mike

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    Wonder if he was to fly one of NWA's former DC-10's? Most ended up @ Omni.

    Brings back memories of the DC-10 retirement do -- what a riot!
  3. Mike

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    He was a 767-300 jockey:

    Misawa Air Base / Misawa (RJSM / MSJ)
    Mon 07:33AM PST
    Tue 09:54AM JST
    Tue 12:33AM JST

    Perhaps he can teach flying skills to his new neighbors in Walla Walla. :D
  4. Caradoc

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    I suspect the handgun wasn't loaded.
  5. Uh oh, a pilot on some substance! I feel unsafe, even in my own home (a drugged up pilot might try to land on my street!). Maybe the TSA needs to start drug-testing each and every pilot before each and every flight.
  6. KrazyKat

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    Uh, guessing that the gun was not loaded, but the pilot was. (And not long before his 7:00 am flight).
  7. RB

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    Was the gun loaded or not? Not a chance worth taking.

    Here in Texas this guy may very well have been met with resistance and I can assure that our guns are loaded.
  8. Mike

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    If you set the autopilot correctly, most 767s will fly and land themselves once it's airborne. That does require that you get it safely in the air first.

    Aeroflot tried to use "the plane will fly itself" to get their drunk pilot off the hook a few years ago:
    Over at the "other place" one Aeroflot suck-up fan-boi tried to say this was all baloney and cited an article (in Russian, of course) that he claimed said the pilot wasn't hosed. Despite my training in classical languages and several modern ones, Russian isn't in my repertoire, but in CubicleLand next door to me was a software engineer named Genadiy who, as you might guess, came from Russia, so I scooted my chair next door and Genadiy read the article: "This says the pilot was drunk." :D
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  9. Yes, but Mike! Anything for safety!
  10. KrazyKat

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    The gun was loaded:
    The bloodied pilot was charged with DUI. Some comments:

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