Airlines Holding Parents Hostage

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Frank, Sep 29, 2012.

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    What a horrible, horrible idea. Stupid too.

    I can see how this is going to play out already. Parents are separated from their kids on a flight, someone walks off with the kid, or the kid simply gets lost, and the parents sue - and rightfully too! The airlines say ridiculous things like ' we had no idea this could happen', they lose any and all lawsuits, and the policy goes away.

    Can't we just ditch the policy now and save everyone from the pain and anguish?
  3. nachtnebel

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    The airlines are strapped. before long, standard fare will be flying standing up, with premiums for traveling seated.
    US carriers are responsible for screwing themselves. If they hadn't acquiesced to our sexual molestation at the hands of TSA, they would be in a lot better shape right now.
  4. Mike

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    Except that one customer-friendly airline isn't affected by this: Southwest

    Southwest also happens to carry more passengers than any other U.S. airline (with only a small number of international routes acquired with AirTran).

    There are no seat charges, and families with small children can board after A-60 when the plane's only 1/3 full.

    Checking bags? First two are free.

    Change your mind? No change fee, credit reusable for a year. (I recovered > 1$k in our first year of flying Southwest by rebooking to cheaper fares when they became available).

    Cheapest fare to AAA to BBB is by purchasing AAA-BBB-CCC? No problem, just don't check bags & get off at BBB. No hidden-city ticketing crap on Southwest.

    Southwest has been reporting profits for 3-4 decades and has never laid off any employees -- surprised? Other airlines keep gouging people and cutting back their schedules and/or losing money.

    When TSA quits molesting people, guess who will get most of our domestic business once again.

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