Airport TSA personnel forced to screen passengers by hand [DRO]

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    Great illustration as to how ill-prepared TSA is when it comes to being truly flexible and adapting to contingencies.

    My first reading was that the machine that x-rays was broken so everyone got a Grope 'N Poke, but I think the journalist was just confused and generically categorized all imaging equipment as "x-ray".

    Does this airport have no WTMD? And unfortunately the dimwits at TSA abandoned their wands years ago.

    Durango Herald: Airport TSA personnel forced to screen passengers by hand

    A breakdown in the X-ray screening equipment at Durango-La Plata County Airport on Thursday caused the Transportation Security Administration to check passengers by pat-downs.

    A technician will fly to the airport today? with a replacement part. The problem is expected to be fixed by noon, said Kip Turner, the airport’s new manager. Turner started work as manager this week.

    He was not immediately aware of flight delays or other problems, but said he had been in meetings all day. He said the airport was very busy during the 3 p.m. rush when four flights leave within 30 minutes of each other.

    The TSA had urged passengers to get to the airport as much as two hours early Thursday to avoid missing their flights.

    The TSA kept its checkpoints open all day to help prevent congestion during the busiest periods.
    Passenger boardings are up 18 percent for the year.

    Airport security has used various methods of screening passengers since February, when the TSA took away the L-3 scanner, nicknamed Gumby, because of the generic, cartoon-image it made of passengers going through the scanner booth.

    The scanner was taken to a larger airport to replace the controversial Rapiscan scanner that made more explicit images of travelers.
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    I think your 1st read is right--- since TSA mgmt "took Gumby away" they have x-ray but no more MMW, apparently no WTMD, and incredibly no Plan B. After the other primary screening box was removed. A "security agency" and no contingency plan.:rolleyes:

    Pervole must have some serious FBI dirt on his Beltway employers to still be in his job.
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