Airports Today: A Secure Future

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    Seems to start as pro-TSA propaganda but shifts towards the end (possibly written that way to suck in the the AFS crowd & shut them up?) ...

    I've bulleted the key points, these bullets were not in the original.

    Airports Today: A Secure Future

    Now in its second decade, the most compelling evidence of the US Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) performance is demonstrated by what has nothappened since 9/11. The number of terrorist attacks successfully brought against a US carrier since TSA’s creation in 2002 remains at zero.

    There can be no eroding of that security gold standard; global economies, the health of the airline industry, and most important, the lives of the general public and airline crews, depend on it.

    • Better technology, not more checkpoint lanes, is part of the answer ...
    • ... it also must urgently find methods to replace those screening techniques that many people find offensive ...
    • Finally, TSA needs to expand its program that permits US airports to use private contractors instead of federal screeners ...

    That level of growth is neither justifiable nor sustainable. Airports cannot indefinitely allocate more and more space to checkpoint lanes. And passengers—particularly frequent business travelers—want fewer security processes that are less burdensome.
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    They're still trying to claim the TSA has had anything at all to do with the lack of attacks against US carriers?

    Horsepuckey. We all know it's my magic rock that repels terrorists that's done all the work.
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