AirTran employee charged with smuggling attempt [ATL]

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  1. Mike

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    And as we keep saying here -- if terrorists ever strike American commercial aviation again, it will be through the back doors via crooked employees. All employees should go through screening just like everyone else.

    Atlanta Journal Constitution: Airline employee charged with smuggling attempt

    According to federal prosecutors, authorities learned that Rasondo Maurice Norris, of Stone Mountain, was acting as a mule, carrying contraband into the airport by bypassing security lines.

    An undercover U.S. Homeland Security Investigations agent approached Norris, 29, and offered him upwards on $600 to ferry unauthorized materials around TSA agents checking carry-0n and personal baggage of passengers going to flight gates, authorities said.

    First, Norris was presented with what he believed to be a backpack filed with five kilograms of cocaine, court officials said. A second time, the undercover agent paid Norris to ferry what represented $500,000 in drug money past security.

    On the final occasion, Norris was given a bag containing what he believed to be a sub-machine gun along with an ammunition magazine and a silencer. After bypassing security each time, he was paid between $600 to $800 by agents each time.
  2. Mike

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    I'm not sure what is the point of having him smuggle $500K? It's business/financial institution give it him or receiving it from him must report the transaction to the IRS. It's perfectly legal to walk around with $500K in your pocket. Dumb, but legal.
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    Looks like this was a bit of a setup to get a "catch" on an obviously stupid airport worker. Not that the perp shouldn't do time for this, but there a a lot of less than bright airport workers who can bypass security and be bought off for a fairly small sum. These are low earners and $500 is a lot of money to them.

    This just underscores the folly of TSA's exceptions list. What will TSA say if one of the "protected class" ends up smuggling a bomb onto a plane full of passengers who got the grope?
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    They "learned he was working as a mule." How, I wonder. These month-long multiple agency sting operations aren't cheap.

    Why are low-rent airport employees afforded the benefit of needing probable cause for search, unlike the rest of us?
  5. Mike

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    Probably cause is require anywhere other than at an established checkpoint. Despite their signs to the contrary, a smurf can't just walk up to you in the concourse and demand to search you or your bags.

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