Al Qaeda's best friend

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    Al Qaeda’s best friend
    An amazing Op-Ed in the NYT by a 23-year-old Yemeni explains that U.S. attacks are strengthening the Terrorists
    Thursday, June 14, 2012
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    people running this program and who think in such a twisted way that murder of innocents is somehow justified are at the top places in our government. One is the president, the ultimate trigger puller. If these people have such a disregard for human beings outside our country, why do we assume they somehow change and become civilized in their behavior toward people within this country? It is all of a piece; drones killing innocents abroad, deployment of drones and crowd assaulting technologies within the US, massive group sexual molestations and strip searches of millions of travelers at airports by TSA. These are not unrelated by stem from a common mindset and perhaps influenced by the same people at the top of the apparatus.
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    It is shocking to me that people think behaviors such as this are normal. Were these people raised in a cave somewhere? By wolves? It's insanity.

    The bigger piece is look at the very eloquent response to the presence of these drones by those affected by it. Are the people running these programs that clueless?
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    Either that clueless or know damn well what they're doing.

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