Albany Airport introduces new security screening process

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by FriendlySkies, Nov 15, 2011.

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    Feel free to comment on their website. 3 comments, one of them mine, another one that is anti-TSA.
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    what a crock. 3 to 4 seconds? they didn't show this in actual operation with all the secondary patdowns. stupid morons just paroting what the TSA told them. "eliminates the need for full body patdowns" w t f?
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    AGITPROP/TSA is hard at work! This is just stick-figure MMW rebirthed with a new descriptions because people were catching on to the old one & recognizing the bunk:

    At Hamburg where these machines where actually subjected to some objective testing, they showed a high rate (54%) of false positives and a very high rate (69%) of anomalies requiring resolution.

    If someone had the time to track down all & respond to all these blurbs -- better yet load up w/ some good English reports on the Hamburg tests & send it to the editors at the media outlets blindly repeating this propaganda -- it might really help to get the word out.
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    That's a good idea wrt the German results.I've seen these mentioned in articles but as usual, there is no back link. Did anyone look at the EPIC site for this?

    I'll start digging around in the British and Indian sites, which are in English and may already have the translation.
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    Wow, that was quick. I think I had it in my bookmarks but haven't kept these stories in the list. Thanks.

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