Alec Baldwin Attacks NY Daily News Photog Before Claiming to be Victim

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    Moments after getting married to his much younger yoga instructor, Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin attacked a New York Daily News photographer outside a marriage license bureau in New York City Tuesday.
    He then took to Twitter and claimed the photographer had come close to hitting him in the face with his camera.
    But other photographers who witnessed the incident said Baldwin ran after the photographers, first grapping Daily News photographer Jefferson Siegel before chasing Daily News photographer Marcus Santos and punching him in the chin.
    According to the New York Daily News:
    Veljic said the photographers were hardly in Baldwin’s face before the enraged actor went nuts.​
    “They were away from him,” said Veljic. “Then he starts running at them. Pushing, very angry, his hands up.”​
    It wasn’t Baldwin’s first clash with a cameraman — the combative Long Islander attacked a photographer outside his Central Park West home in 2010.​
    More recently, the angry actor was booted from an American Airlines flight after ignoring directions to turn off his iPad.​
    And he famously insulted his then-11-year-old daughter, Ireland, as “a rude, thoughtless little pig.”​
    Baldwin clearly did not get the sympathy from his fans that he expected because most of them showed outrage after they had the read the Daily News version of the events.
    So that prompted him to compare himself to George Zimmerman in the Treyvon Martin case.
    Hopefully, Baldwin will spend his honeymoon in jail.
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  2. Lisa Simeone

    Lisa Simeone Original Member

    Ugh. And to think I almost worked with this guy.

    (Though I wonder if WNYC or the New York Phil broadcasts will now see fit to can him for "unethical" behavior . . . ?)

    I will say that I have some sympathy for celebs because so many paparazzi are assholes.

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