All Your Data Belong To You: TSA, DHS, devices, and your rights

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    Long article written by a librarian about her experiences with security and the TSA. She includes several very helpful links about passenger rights along with advice about how to secure your electronic devices from TSA searches.

    Here is a small excerpt from her article:

    U.S. Customs and Border Protection say that they can not only search but also confiscate your electronic devices at the border–laptops, phones, cameras, you name it. And they can do it all without any reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing or warrants. The ACLU, EFF, and other organizations are fighting this – but it’s a slow process. What you can, and should do, if you are asked to hand over your electronics is outlined in this document–but at the bare minimum ask to see the supervisor, get a receipt for your device, and have the search conducted in front of the supervisor. What tends to happen, especially to people on THE LIST, is that they take your electronics out of the room, dump a copy onto their own hard drives, and then give them back to you. They just copied all your data–files, browsing history, contact lists, everything–and you had no ability to stop it. I call (expletive deleted), and thankfully so does the ACLU. This is why many people who know they are on THE LIST no longer carry their own devices, instead handing them off to trusted travel companions or mailing them from place to place.
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    One wonders what the RIAA would have to say about the piracy of legally-owned music files that would be occurring if any existed in the snarfed data.
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    Note the list, the "cheat sheet", of the rights one has with the TSA and who compiled the list. Sai!
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