Lawsuit American Airlines, Inc. v. Tsa, 10-1418

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  1. Fisher1949

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    Looks like the ball didn't bounce TSA's way on this one. Suit is not pax related but note that it was heard in DC Circuit Court of Appeals. As in the Jesse Ventura dismissal, it appears that TSA cases are tried in the Appellate Court.

    TSA is at least consistent about lying and reneging on agreements no matter who they are dealing with.
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  2. Mike

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    TSA promised them the finds, then screwed them ...

    Business Week: AMR Corp. Wins Ruling Over $30 Million Grant From TSA

  3. Fisher1949

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    The agency acted “arbitrarily and capriciously” in denying the airline’s request “without providing a sufficient rationale on the record for doing so,” Judge David Sentelle wrote in the opinion.

    As I said, at least they're consistent.
  4. CelticWhisper

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    This got a laugh from me. How sadly hilarious is it that the one and only way TSA can ever manage consistency is in how consistently counterproductive they are?
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