American Free Press: TSA Goons Stooping to New Lows

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Mike, May 5, 2012.

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    American Free Press: TSA Goons Stooping to New Lows

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    See TSA News for Bill Fisher's latest post, on the lack of background checks.
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    This point gets to the core of what is wrong with the TSA. They see themselves as blameless in everything.

    Look, if TSA were actually going to be able to thwart terrorism, they seriously need to look a little more closely at their own house. Instead they don't run background checks and declare everything as "proper procedure".

    I used to work in retail. We were trained to watch for "suspicious behavior" to reduce, not eliminate, shoplifting. A certain amount of shrink is expected. But it's not the customers who get their bags checked, employees at most major retailers must have their bags searched prior to leaving the building at any time.

    Leaving for the day? Bag check. Going out for lunch? Bag check. Taking your purse out on a smoke break? Bag check. Heck, I was fired. I was escorted to the front of the store and, you guessed it: bag check.

    In the casino industry do you ever see visitors to the casino get their bags/purses checked? No.

    However, employees are not allowed to carry their own cash onto the casino floor. If women choose to carry a purse it must be clear, as in see-through plastic. Employee bags/purses are checked upon entry and exit every.single.time they enter or leave. Those fancy cameras every few inches in the ceiling? They're there, sure, to watch for illicit activity, but they are more accurately used to watch the employees, not the visitors.

    TSA would go much further in thwarting terrorism if they more closely watched their own. They don't, and that's why it's clear that if another 9/11 happens (unlikely) it will be because of TSA.
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    They've been doing this for some time now. There are multiple reports of children being treated in this fashion. TSA's website says they will not "separate" children from their parents. Obviously this is another lie, or "separate" must mean something different to TSA than it does to the rest of the world.
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    Orwell, Orwell, Orwell, Orwell, Orwell.

    (Oh, and for any mental deficients who may be reading this, such as govt apparatchiks, that means that Orwell wrote about such behavior in his dystopian novels, not that Orwell never took blame for his own bad behavior.)
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    Apply this to TSA behavior directed at their own ranks so they treat each other as they treat us: Bathroom break? Sex organ massage and butt rub. Rolling your eyes at your TSA boss? Harsh crotch search and butt rub-over. Wearing obnoxious perfume? Into the private hut with YOU!
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