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  1. Doober

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    I saw this on Colbert last night and found the concept quite fascinating:

  2. CelticWhisper

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    I really want this to succeed because it's about time the collaborative power of the Internet was put to such an important purpose. I think the established two-party interests in power will do whatever it takes to undermine this, considering it renders their budgets (and thus their leg-up on independents in the campaigning process) impotent, but here's hoping they fail.
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  3. KrazyKat

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    Me too. I've already weighed in with at least one issue I thought belonged in the national race.:D
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  4. KrazyKat

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    Anti-TSA candidate Ron Paul comes in 2nd in Iowa Straw poll. (27.65%)
    Don't know if the too top-down AmericansElect will catch up with the electorate on TSA. Let's hope so.

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