Amy Alkon: How Far Will Americans Let The TSA Go?

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    Amy Alkon @ Mens News Daily: How Far Will Americans Let The TSA Go?

    Complacent Americans already let unskilled government workers grope their balls and vaginas, entirely sans probable cause, in order to complete normal business travel or fly off to see Granny.
    Recently, they started "testing" drinks at the gate -- drinks purchased in the terminal! (Is it their fault they're too busy checking some Alzheimer's patient's diaper to be concerned with the food deliveries to the airport?)

    Gordan Runyan writes at FreedomOutpost about a poll InfoWars is preparing:
    In light of increasingly egregious evidence of TSA abuse, Infowars has commissioned a professional polling agency to gauge the American public's perception of what exactly constitutes crossing-the-line behavior on behalf of the TSA, and to learn to what extent Americans are willing to give up their dignity and personal freedoms if told it was for the greater good. One question that we'll definitely ask is if Americans would be willing to submit to anal cavity probes. [Emphasis added.]​
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    Expect at least 30% to say "If it makes us safer".

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