Amy Alkon: The Revolution Will Be Televised

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Mike, Aug 8, 2011.

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    Amy Alkon: The Revolution Will Be Televised

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    'proving your lack of guilt' hmm, I'd rather lean toward '(showing) others violation of your rights'

    I always thought we had INALIENABLE rights given to us from the get-go. Not that we have to prove innocence FIRST.

    Thats what has gone so horribly wrong in this land, that we have to 'prove our lack of guilt' first.:mad:

    When it went from punishment to prevention is when things went to h3!! in a handbasket.

    Back to 'the revolution'... Count me in :D^
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    Only 17% of US citizens believe the federal government governs with their consent. The rest see it as increasingly tyrannical. In a setting with a cratering economy, the price of gold poised to go stratospheric--directly and negatively reflective of the worth of the dollar, in short, with things potentially going south at any time, you think the federal government would try to mend fences with the people. But they won't, because they're dumber than cr*p. They'd rather try to intimidate and control.
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    Link doesn't open to this article.....
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    Seems to be working now - Earlier this AM I clicked and got a different article as well, so you're not nuts Doober.

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