An arcane question about airport terminology

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  1. One of the things I do is literary translation from Russian, and I'm working on a passage in a story in which an airplane at a provincial Siberian airport is parked on the ploshadka, which my dictionary awkwardly translates as "landing ground." I don't think I've ever been to post-Soviet airport this small to know how they do things, but I'm guessing this area is not taxiway or runway, but in fact the general aircraft parking area outside the terminal, the area you board when you're going up the stairs outside, not on a jetway.

    Is that area called something? What can I call it that sounds understandable to the average intelligent reader? I thought about calling it "the tarmac", but when I look into it I discover that tarmac is a specific paving material which I don't know that they have in Russia. Plus, the area it's on seems to be concrete, from other descriptions, and he's really describing the area, not the substance. Any ideas?
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    Ramp. That's what we called it in the Navy.
  4. Oh, good ideas! "Ramp" seems the most user friendly, self-explanatory. Thanks!
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    Just adding:

    Airport ramp

    We also called it the flight line, although that seems a bitconfusing to me since no flying is being done on the ramp. I have heard the term tarmac used but mostly outside of the US.

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