An entire kindergarten class apparently shot and killed

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    btw, the news organizations are publishing the photos of the children who were shot. It is a tragedy and people are understandably outraged even more when they look at the faces of these little innocents. Yet, we should not lose sight of the fact that in our country, 2,000 kids just like these, only younger, are killed every day in abortion clinics.
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    And maybe she listened to Alex Jones, and maybe she had a philosophy to go along with her armament. But total awol family fail handling a volatile and unwell young man.
    No doubt the gun enthusiam and homeschooling will be used to further characterize those demographics as watch-list dangerous.
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    “Are we prepared that such violence visited on our children year after year after year is somehow the price of our freedom?" Obama asked. 12/16/12 in Newtown, CT.
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    blaming homeschoolers and firearms hobbyists won't fly. too many millions of successful normal ones to make it stick. but I agree with you on the failure of this family to secure the firearms when you have a mentally ill person like this around. safes are not all that expensive.
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    What would tuck fard know about freedom he :trash: on constantly and abuses executive orders that by pass the consitution and other federal laws.

    Easy fix is arm teachers and pull the BS rules on no guns on campus... It works in isreal why not here.
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    powerful article. the sad part is the prospectus for healing. Psychiatry is still only a step or two above the witch doctor's medicine rattle.
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    If you have someone with mental problems in your household, the first thing you need to do is secure firearms. Granted, nothing is foolproof, and even a safe can be opened if you have the tools and time, but geeze, the mother apparently didn't take any precautions...
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    Not enough. If you have firearms in your household, you need to secure any firearms so that only the people who should have access to them have access to them.

    It's not like gun safes are all that expensive - for $100-200ish, you can install something like a SpeedVault, which gives rather quick access to anyone with the combo, but deters others. Back it up with a sensor to the alarm system so any attempt to remove the safe from its location (as if to break it open) triggers the alarm, and you've got a reasonably fast-to-access but reasonably secure firearm.
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    Norway's leading paper (Aftenposten) is running that story today:

    Dette er den verste skolemassakren i USAs historie (This is the worst school massacre in America's history)​

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